Monday, November 1, 2010

A weekend without EVE

For the first time in a very long time, I've spent an entire weekend on shore leave from New Eden. I was very busy with real life with my boys, this being Halloween and all, and I basically caught up on some much needed Z's by going to sleep at the same time as or only shorter after my boys. I thought I could log on after the Halloween candy run but just as the boys were about to nod off after a successful candy harvest, one of 'em had gone to the bathroom and managed to jam the toilet. The next few minutes were frantic as you can imagine, so yeah, no EVE after that! Sleep please !!!

But my parental duties are coming to an end for this week so I plan to make a bit of a comeback. In the plans for this week:

- Caldari T2 frigates: Having ended Caldari Frigate V I now have access to these, but I have yet to buy and fit some. I will most probably get a Crow and a Harpy tonight, with maybe a Flycatcher or two very soon. My missile skills are still limited to T2 rockets, but at least the support skills are now at IV. At least the Harpy is a blaster boat, and I'm covered there.

- 6 days to Interceptor V: Just in time for the changes to rockets and T2 ammunition. I can't wait to fly my Claw and Taranis next sunday, and even more after Incursion hits :) And that is a good thing because:

- The plan that all PvPer's dread to think about: After Inty V I'm starting the Orca plan, so that means training interesting stuff like Mining 3-4, Industry 3-4-5, Astrogeology 3, Mining Barge 1-5, Mining Foreman 1-5, Mining Director 1 and finally Industrial Capital 1-4. I just couldn't stomach training any more carebear shit after that. The use of the Orca will be for field deployment only. I will never boost a miner, and I will never tractor cans. Hell, I may even use it as bait!

- Necessary carebearing to fund the expensive stuff: An Orca and a Loki are not exactly cheap toys so I have no choice but to make a bit of ISK. I don't have the vast ISK flow of industrial players, and I don't buy GTC's for ISK, so I have no choice. It's not a choice I like... that's what I find the suckiest part of EVE, one that may cause me to leave at some point. There are just no fun ways to make ISK; I'm not about to be branded a scammer!

Of course I will try to find some time for The PvP in there or else I will go crazy. Now let's hope I can have a normal weekend for once.

Fly hard



Anonymous said...

Use an Alt to scam and none will be the wiser. :D

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

It seems like all of EVE's problems are solved by alts. This will be Reason #2 to one-finger-salute this game, right behind "making ISK".

Oh, and anonymity sucks.