Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Yes it's been a long time. Yes I've been busy with things other than EVE, and other than games even. This winter I pushed my drumming to the limit with my drumline, going even as far as playing my own drumkit with the drumline. And one does not simply do that without ungodly amounts of practice. Therefore, no gaming, no blogging, and only flams, drags and paradiddles.

As the drumline is taking a short break before the start of the CFL season I am also about to move house, so yeah, I feel like I no longer have any control over anything even resembling a schedule. But me being me I do find a way to put some gaming in and am even subbed into EVE at the moment, though I'll admit that apart from skilling I'm not doing much because playing EVE on a tight schedule is an impossibilty for me; and I don't want to hear from anyone with advice or anything of the sort. I can't. Period. But as I slowly skill up for my suitcase Nidhoggur, here are some other games that received my attention:

- Trackmania2 Stadium: while I don't think I'll ever be competitively fast, I found a lot of interest in building competition tracks. Maybe I can bring down the pro players to my level :)

- Kerbal Space Program: because rockets and MOAR BOOSTERS!

- Skyrim: I still check out new mods and take the occasional romp through the countryside.

- Quake Live: because I need to check once in a while if I still got it. I do >:)

Anyway, here's to hoping I get some handle on my play time; yes playing drums is tons of fun but there are some times when it starts to feel like a chore and that's never good.

Fly more than I do