Monday, November 22, 2010

Some people just don't get it

I logged in tonite to an animated conversation in AMC's board room channel, and it wasn't long that I found the reason. Some of you may remember the story of a POS bash I wrote about a couple weeks ago, going on at the same time as one of our wars. Well, it seems that the owners of that POS did not quite understand the message. At first it was only one guy who had stayed in our wormhole system to harass some of our guys with his stealth bomber. But he and his corp apparently underestimated us, again. The conversation I logged on to was about ANOTHER small Amarr tower that had just gone online in our system, and the owners are the same guys. The tower is so freshly installed that there is only the tower and a ship maintenance array. Not even a single gun in sight. Within minutes the op is called and forces are gathered. The 1400's were going to sing again.

But guess what: they didn't have to sing for very long. With no Warp Disruptor or ECM module or gun to take out, putting a small tower into reinforced mode is quite fast. So we're dealing with a bunch of russian players who apparently enjoy wasting tower after tower just to get a few kills in W-space. Only in EVE....! I have to give props to all the AMC guys who showed up as fast as they could make the trip. A few arrived too late but this will mean only one thing: that tower will pop hella-fast once it comes out of reinforced :)

About freakin' time...

In other news, I've spent much of my weekend doing some much needed carebearism because I was close to flat broke. Enough that I could finally replace my long lost PvE Loki, turned one of my two Sleipnirs into a PvP ship (the fit still needs work I think) and got a new Vagabond. As much as I hate carebearing I have to drill myself to do it a bit more because I would like to get a spare Vaga or two, as well as spare Hurricanes. But in about a month I have a big purchase to make, that of my Orca. Oh well, at least I have plenty of T1 ships to throw into various little fires!

To the russian guys. Yeah you, DinatronniEffekt corp. Since you like blowing ISK so much maybe you should buy me my Orca... at least that would be something useful for a change! Oh and while you're at it, change your ticker from DIEF to DIAF !!!

Don't fly like these guys, it's too expensive >:)



Unknown said...

Silly Russians

RuskieMcIvanowski said...

You YANkee dog for wanting PepsiCokE will now am die. Make with your women in Levis. For now together freinds?

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

All your base are belong to us.

You have no chance to survive make your time.