Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/11/05

Told you I'd put some Quebecer stuff here at some point. Offenbach is one of Quebec's best known and most loved rock band, and since he passed away in 1990 singer Gerry Boulet has attained legendary status over here.

On the EVE front, I will have a good battle story to tell as Havegun and I found some fun in Heimatar Low-sec against a small EVE University gang, and a lone local pirate as a 3rd party. I'll wait until I'm a bit more awake to tell it though; it's 5AM here in Montreal! Having a cold means I went to sleep early, and sleep isn't that great. I must convince myself to take my shot of Buckley... damn that shit is bad !!! I hope coffee can wash away the after-taste cuz I need that too :) Have a nice Friday everyone !!!

Fly safer than I do


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