Thursday, November 11, 2010

A short victorious war

Sorry Mr Weber if I had to steal your title, but this is pretty much what happened to AMC over the last couple of days. In an event completely unrelated to what was happening in our W-space colony, one of the newer corporations in our alliance was slowly making preparations to leave a system in the Genesis region where they had lived and prospered for a long time to give W-space life a shot. But the place where they live has a funny entity. They are known as Genesis Alliance and they claim to "own" the Genesis region. Their view of things: if you want to live in Genesis you have to join their alliance, or they will suicide-gank mining ships, and ultimately declare war. This was going to be fun!

On Monday night, just has we were getting ready to hit the invaders' tower in W-space, AMC gets an evemail from CONCORD stating that after the obligatory 24 hour period, a state of war would be declared between us and Genesis Alliance. Yay at the free pew-pew without caring about pesky things like security status and sentry guns! So at the same time we are dealing with POS jammers, alliance mails are being sent to get players ready for the coming hostilities. And some time on Tuesday afternoon, war begins. Our enemy appears to have the numbers advantage, but a closer look at the corps and their members reveals that there are a lot of new players. And I mean a LOT! But still, numbers are numbers and a few too-eager AMC guys got popped by a 30-ish man hodge-podge fleet that must've looked like Battlestar Galactica's 12 colony survivors. The more PvP-minded players of AMC (like yours truly) right away warned our players not to jump right into Corp 42's home system as it was heavily camped, but instead pick off stragglers that are traveling between the blob and the market hub of Dodixie. And that is where the tide turned.

There was a failed attempt at a POS bash on Corp 42's tower, but unlike the tower that we hit in W-space, this one is a proper Death Star, with manned guns and proper gun placement. The enemy did have battleships, but the quality of their setups was questionnable and their logistics non-existant. They simply had no choice but to bail out. And all of a sudden something broke in our enemy's ranks. After the blob had split GA members started going about their mundane lives and flying casually here and there, mining afk, and so on. That's when Havegun Willtravel, KL1 and Elmerus Juniorus arrived on the scene and turned Hi-sec Genesis into a bloodbath.

At around the same time, things were getting ready to finish off the small Amarr tower in W-space, and because it had simply been abandoned and the modules not repaired it took only about an hour to erase it from existance. KL and Elmer had actually made it back to W-space and they did the tedious job of killing every single gun, jammer, scram, and POS modules. I may not have certain proof of this, but I'm pretty sure that the GA brass took a quick look at the AMC killboard, put 2 and 2 together and figured out that all the players that were busy in W-space were about to come down on Genesis like flies on poop. Not long after the POS went kaboom, AMC received another evemail from CONCORD stating that Genesis Alliance had retracted its declaration of war and in 24 hours hostilities would end. BOOOOO !!!!

But I wasn't going to be left out. After some real life chores at home and a quick visit to Letrange's place (where I learned the war was about to die), I got on and started asking about enemy movements in Genesis. Things were kind of quiet but 6 to 8 reds were online, and I hooked up with KL1 and Elmer and we right away killed a Cormorant and its pod. As they were checking the traffic at the gates, I decided to push straight to Corp 42's system to tour the belts and smack-talk the reds like only an old BOZO can. And as I land at Belt 1 a flashy red Wreathe is quietly munching on rocks; he barely has time to realise what is happening that he is waking up in a new medical clone. And his corpse is not even fully frozen when a flashy red Osprey lands right on top of me. He is a tad smarter as he was able to warp his pod out but the Osprey is no more. I was just about to pop his wreck full of useless mods that a Manticore arrives, but cloaks right back up and leaves. This was going to be a great night!

Before I have time to check for the bomber's whereabouts the guys at the gate mention something about a Prophecy about to jump in. It gets tackled and raped. I go back to the belts just to make my presence known, and guess what... a few belts later I land right on the uncloaked Manticore! He tried to target me but I think I snuffed him out before he even got a single volley off. And then something weird happened. A neutral in Local noticed all the "started to warp scramble" messages I was generating and convo'd me. Player: "Are you guys at war?". Me: "Yep. They wardecced us and now they're paying for it :)". Player: "Well, you have a GA Tempest about to get here. Free intel!". The Tempest was 2 jumps out and I'm sure I beat CONCORD at the Donut Dropping skill as I left my belt, got to the only gate out where a few more AMC guys were camping, jumped thru and burned hard to the gate the Tempest was about to come through, all the while rallying the troops as frantically as I could. Only KL and Elmer followed me as the second gang got to kill a trashy Thrasher. but we did catch that Tempest and fragged it into next sunday. Elmer got the pod, and I got the sweet battleship killmail!

This was the last major kill of my eventful evening. A Thorax was also killed but most of what we were seeing were noobs frantically trying to leave the area in frigates. After missing 2 or 3 frigs I piped up in Local: "You guys must love your CEO for getting you into this scrap". One of the noobs answered something we found hilarious: "Our CEO would kill you all... he flies a battleship!". I haven't laughed so hard since the BOZO days! And on that funny note I had to call it a night, one of my most prolific nights in my time in EVE. So apparently this alliance lured in newbies with the promise of free ISK and ships, but I think someone just learned the hard way that it's not only the quantity of pilots that's important.

Once again, I'd like to thank all of AMC's care-kodiaks who came out and got the most kills AMC ever got in so little time. We may not be huge, we may be all spread out throughout New Eden, but in the end when push comes to shove we can shove pretty fucking hard! Gratz all !!!

Fly hard and smart


PS: So the Manticore was killed BEFORE the Prophecy... same diff !!! :))


Magson said...

Id worry less about Mr. Weber and more about Lady Dame Harrington blobbing you with her fleet of superdreadnoughts towing missile pods. . . .

Sounds like a fun war!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Indeed... Honor is quite the awesome FC :)

And yes, that was a total blast!