Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bashing a POS, again

Yep, I thought I'd be staying out of a battleship for a good while but apparently I was wrong. An intruding corp decided that putting up a small tower in our immensely huge colony system would be awesome, and even after receiving a notice that doing such a thing wasn't exactly a great idea they not only refused to take the tower down but tacked on (quite litterally... the POS set-up was horrendous) a few more jammer mods. So yesterday AMC did what it had to do, and all carebear claws were honed to full laceration potential. Yes I did say that the last POS bash a few weeks ago would be my last one at least for a good while, but as I mentioned over the fleet comms, at least I didn't have to jump through hoops while juggling razor blades on fire just to get in the system. Plus, the entry system was only 7 jumps from where my RR Tempest was sitting. So I got in it, loaded up on ammo, and headed for the fleet to make the 1400mm guns heard.

Upon arriving I had all the trouble in the world to target anything because there were so many jammers wreaking havoc with our ships, but the lone warp scrambling battery had already been incapacitated, and the small number of guns meant the damage the fleet was receiving was laughable, though we did have to watch out for incoming damage and call for repairs when needed. But the jamming... Ugh! I kept saying "Nerf fucking jammers!" because the only thing they did was prolong the inevitable. There was also a Manticore and a Drake trying their best to kill some drones but they weren't very successful. They would only come out of the force field for a few seconds but when they noticed they were being targeted they retreated back to safety. Until the Manticore pilot got careless. In a moment of luck and great timing, the bomber had come out of the shields just as I had stopped being jammed and upon hearing that he was out I instantly targeted him, and my sensor boosters proved John Rourke right; stationary ships don't react well to 1400s! Pandemonium on fleet comms :))

As jammers were slowly shutting down one by one, the fleet was having less targetting problems, and ultimately even the Drake got surprised-sexed. After that there was only very little action from the enemy. A new Drake came in but didn't do anything, and the previous Manticore and Drake pilot got into a buzzard and made his way out or safed up. We didn't catch him.

All in all though the op went really well; reinforcing a small tower with a fleet of 20+ is much easier than it is for a large tower with a fleet of 12. It does help that our colony system has a Hi-sec static hole. The large tower we killed was in a Pulsar C4 located pretty deep into W-space, and logistics was a complete bitch. And we even managed to get none other than Letrange out of hiatus to come out and help us! Now the sad part for me is that my week is about to get too hectic to do anything in EVE, so I'll miss the final killing of the tower. But even if I can only log on sporadically over the weekend, a parental one, I will most likely get to see some action because something else is brewing on the horizon... stay tuned!

As EdwardNardella says, fly fun


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