Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/11/12

This week's video fits with all the events AMC had to deal with this week, with a POS bash, a POS defence and a wardec. Iron Maiden is the band that turned me on to Metal in the early 80's. As soon as I heard the Number of the Beast album, I was hooked. And I'm still a fan to this day. Which reminds me... if you have a chance do check out the documentary, Iron Maiden: Flight 666. Directed by fellow canuck and Metalhead Sam Dunn, it's pretty much the best music documentary ever made.

On the EVE front: this is my quiet weekend in game, so I'll get my Hurricane out of the ass-end of Genesis and back around Heimatar space, and clone-jump back to my implants of fast learning +4! Having had to replace a Hurricane and a Vagabond last week, Coz needs some cash!

Live to fly, fly to live


Edit: Forget about jumping into the +4s... another corp wants to play hardball. I hope their mits are well oiled >:)

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