Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/11/19

When Max Cavalera left Sepultura, the band was never the same again. When Max's brother Igor left, interest in Sepultura pretty much died. But recently the old spirit has come back in force as Max and Igor have joined forces to form Cavalera Conspiracy. Add some Life After People shots, and you get one kick-ass video :)

EVE front: The second war we got was a complete waste of time as our enemies don't play on the same time zone, and are a bit too fond of station humping. We didn't get a kill, they got only 3; one Hulk pilot who had it coming and deserved it, Felix's Moa vs a Cane, and one of my Taranii vs a Cynabal. Yes we engaged even knowing we would die, and shit I didn't even have time to come back in something that would actually be a good fight with a Cynabal as the other guy logged. And the next day the same guy had left for IT Alliance. Yep, stupidest war ever. At least the Genesis guys were fun to play with as they were actually out in space. Now, as boring as it may sound Coz needs to do some carebearing cuz I am beyond broke!

Fly more dangerous than I will


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