Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life begins at 40

In the middle of summer I hit the real-life age of the Big 4-0, and as I'm typing these words Cozmik R5 is about to finish training Industry V (yeah... fun!) which will bring him to just about 40 million skill points. Yay Coz! Of course the dreadful skills will be piling up over the next month but this is necessary for my field deployment Orca; I really wish there was a proper combat version that doesn't require all the industry and mining skills I'll never use. An off-shoot of the Command Ships or something. The Orca will make moving into an area of operation so much easier. Just recently when war started in the Genesis region I had to move ships there, and it would have been so much easier to do it in a single trip instead of 4-5. Not to mention all the extra modules and ammo I could have carried. Well, around New Year's this won't be an issue anymore.

And after the Orca? Well there will not be anything special for a good while because I'm quite happy with where Cozmik is at right now. I will slowly start pushing all support skills to V. Small and Medium Projectile and Hybrid specializations? V. And why not Larges. I already have Interceptor and HAC at V so I just have to do the same with Strategic Cruisers and subsystems, Interdictors, Assault frigates, EAFs, Cov Ops, Recon and Cloaking. Maybe I'll cave in and get Logistics Ships but let's be honest, I would not get to fly a Scimitar very often and constant lack of practice would make me suck at it. And then there's Minmatar and Gallente Battleships V. That's 2.5 months right there! Ultimately I will have to get the Advanced Spaceship Command skill but I'm so uninterested by Capitals or specialized battleships that I will wait until ALL of my combat skills are maxed before I get it. So this should keep me busy for a good long time.

Not only am I not interested in the big ships, but it's not a huge secret that as an almost purely PvP player, with no army of alts because all of the money-making parts of EVE make me want to throw up every last drop of bile in my body, I am perpetually poor. Sure I mission up once in a while and get some ISK, or else I wouldn't have the stuffed hangars or the semi faction-fit mission runner. But when it comes to making ISK I become extremely lazy because I see it as EVE becoming a second job. It's pretty simple: I play EVE to blow shit up in space, and at that there is no game that does it better. I had high hopes for two games but unfortunately they're starting to stink of Vaporware-itis. So until something comes out that is more suited for my style of game-play, I am playing EVE. Don't get me wrong though, I actually admire the work that a lot of players put into this game to build all the fancy stuff that I blow up or get blown up. But I just don't have the patience to do it myself and get rich with it. Deep down inside I remain the purist Quake player :)

So any way you look at it, I'm 40. Can I have my Lamborghini now? :))



Thorvik said...

I'm right there w/ you. I finally broke down and got an alt purely so that I can move ships/ mods/ ammo to other areas. (thinking Orca as well) Maybe make her a covops cyno alt as well? But I would rather have my testicles removed before I start mining or figuring out how to do reactions....

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I do have a second account in cryo right now... but let's just say my finances are interesting these days. But who know knows? Maybe i can reactivate her at some point.

And having testies removed... yep, my feeling exactly :D