Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New ship on the "Gimme!" list

I've spent quite a bit of time on Sisi over the past weekend cuz the TQ Cozmik was waiting patiently for BMTHOKK to arrive after scouting out the entire Teshkat system and making tons of bookmarks. So I updated the client, loaded up Sisi and for the first time seriously played with the character editor until I had a good idea what my characters would look like. So Coz will be slightly different but more defined, the hauler alt is almost identical to his TQ self, but Cassy... damn do Vherokiors look different. For now Cassy is wearing what looks for all the world like biker gear and kind of has a ressemblance to Ghost in the Shell's Motoko Kusanagi; a far cry from her lacy and jeweled self on TQ. It will be really interesting to see what extra options we will get tomorrow. I'm hoping for much more clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair-dos!

Once I was done playing with my faces it was time to play with some ships. The latest mirror put me in our Harerget offices with my freshly equiped Orca. Quite funny cuz I was there with the Orca for maybe 48 hours! As I was about 15 jumps from FD-MLJ I didn't bother with the "moveme" channel and just grabbed my Vagabond and travelled on my own. Upon arrival I did the usual and bought the guns and modules I normally use by the ton (stuff at 100 ISK is beautiful!), but since one of the recent changes that Incursion brought there was something that I needed to check: now that Faction ships can be put on the regular market, will they be seeded on Sisi? Well I don't know if was only in FD-MLJ or if it was temporary but they were, so for the LOLZ I bought 10 Cynabals and 10 Machariels; great way to spend 2000 ISK!

I knew where I was going with the Cynabal so I set about to fit it like a slightly tankier Vagabond with bigger guns and bigger drones, T2 everything. I would basically fly it the same way a Vaga is flown, that is orbiting a target at the edge of disruptor range and bursting the MWD once in a while. I'm not very much into pre-arranged 1v1's even though they can be fun because when you ask for a duel sometimes the forces get lopsided, and I prefer the "closer to TQ" feel of the FFA arenas so off to "Cruisers and smaller" I went. There was only one ship there, a Rook. "Oh sweet, I'm gonna get jammed to shit!" I thought. But this was going to be a good test so I went for it anyway. Approached at an angle, floored the MWD, targetted, laid my point, got a volley off... and got covered in raspberries. Time to launch my 5 little Hammerhead minions!

Now, jamming is a chance-based affair and once in a while the Rook would skip a cycle or two and I could send a few volleys, while his drones and missiles were doing much less damage than I was expecting; decent tank + good resists = win. So I took a gamble and went right up to him in scram range. Sure I wouldn't be able to use the MWD, but my guns would sing their painful song much louder. A third party in the form of an Arbitrator arrived on the scene and he decided I was the tastier target, but at about the same time the Rook lost jams on me, and his shields were about to fail. Time to turn on the overheat and sure enough I had just enough time to reduce him to atoms before he could get more jams on me. I was even able to recover the 3 drones I had left before the Arbitrator thought about putting a point on me, unless he didn't have one.

For a few seconds I was actually sitting in station repping my overheated guns thinking "Did I really just solo a Rook? Outgunned 2:1 and neuted?". The next thought that entered my brain was "I GOTTA GET A CYNABAL !!!". Now, the slight problem with the Cynabal is that on TQ it costs 2.5 million times its price on Sisi. But now, having seen what it can do with close to max skills, the price is justified. Of course all encounters will surely not always go the same way as this one, but in a decently sized cruiser fleet this ship can do wonders. To have an idea of what groups of these can do just look at the last Alliance Tournament where a few teams fielded Angel fleets to much success. So what I have to do now is scrape some ISK; I do have enough but I bought a couple PLEX's lately in case of a real-life financial snafu. but I will probably have my account topped off for a few months soon, and besides I have a few Hurricanes to get popped :)) But who knows, maybe I'll treat myself a little because in two days Cozmik will be 3 years old!

Fly hard, fast and nasty



Agile Nakajima said...

You can also obtain a cynabal by doing the angel epic arc. Might take a bit of grinding to get your faction high enough with one of the starter agents, but the arc itself is pretty fun. Nullsec missioning, best missioning.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

If I go to Null-sec it will be to kill the missioners >:)