Sunday, January 16, 2011

The new me, Singularity version

The Trigger Happy Speed Freak himself. Granted, this is not the final version as there will probably be a lot more design options when Incursion Part III goes live later this week. Coz is missing his face tattoos, and I'd like his dreads to be more dread-like, but the basics are there and he shouldn't be too different when Tuesday night comes. I've also worked on my alts a bit; Cassy looks a lot more asian than she currently does on TQ (I didn't know that Vherokior were chinese) and my almost unused hauler alt has a massive implant on top of his head instead of the good ol' Viziam crown of white hair. We'll see what can be done later this week, and I will be posting my entire menagerie of characters once they're all done.

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