Monday, January 24, 2011

Station humpin' wardeccers

Among all the types of The PvP that I absolutely hate in EVE, station humpin' (I'm trying to stay polite here... believe me, it's hard) is pretty much on top of the list. But when an alliance goes so far as to dump 50 million ISK to be at war and all it does is loll around in their little 1-station Low-sec system ganking singletons off the station and not engaging if there is the slightest hint of a challenge, it goes beyond hate and turns it into contempt. Add to that the fact that barely anyone in that alliance logs in, and that their idea of "fun" is to wardec big alliances like Br1ck Squad and Wildly Inappropriate just to catch people heading to or from the shit-hole called Jita, and what you have is a good idea of the nature of our current war targets.

To make a long story short, one of their players joined an AMC corporation in the hopes of going to W-space. Before that happened he got together with some corpmates for a few missions, but did something that smelled fishy (don't exactly know what, it's not my corp!) and that got him kicked out. He threw a hissy fit and his real alliance wardecced. The only word that comes to mind is this: wow. Now, wardeccing corporations and alliances to get some fun all over EVE is one thing, but spending 50 million for nothing, I don't get it. We even brought the fight to them in the form of a Hurricane fleet, but the only targets we saw were a Vindicator and a Fleet Stabber but nothing came of it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they like faction ships. A lot. But they barely leave their station. And if they do and smell trouble they make themselves scarce real quick. I'm not trying to be whiny or anything but I just don't understand what kind of fun, if you can call it that, 4-5 year old veterans can get from being in an alliance that's ready to wardec anything that moves and just stays put waiting for a kill to land on their lap. If someone has an answer, please comment (though I will still think your balls are about the size of grains of rice).

Because of Falcon

After leaving the area where our war targets have funky sex with their station, I stuck around what we call our PvP HQ because there's no way in Hell I'll fly my Orca as the war is going on; the enemy may like station sex but I'm not that stupid! So yesterday when I noticed that the PCU record was going through the roof I did the unusual thing and logged in with my 2 boys as co-pilots, hoping to catch some pew-pew. I first went to the Mya system where some long-time opponents seemed to be out in force. I was alone so I passed. I then went to the Gallente-Amarr pipe and it wasn't long that I had something on scan. The same Vagabond as a few weeks ago flew the same way as a few weeks ago, which was to stay the hell away from my 'Cane. I will have to throw down the gauntlet with my own Vaga at some point, maybe then we'll have some fun. So I proceeded to "rat" a little to attract attention, until a Cynabal appeared on scan...

At first I checked all the gates and random belts just in case I was dealing with a misguided carebear (it's EVE... you never know!) but after a few trips here and there he was nowhere to be found. I went back to "ratting" where I quickly dispatched a Serpentis battleship and just as the NPC explodes the Cynabal arrives at about 50 clicks from me. Yeah baby, it's on! We start our Dance of Death around each other, both of us looking to hit just a bit harder. We both wait to deploy the drones and sometimes the Cynabal even leaves my warp disruptor's range but never warps out. I'm thinking that this will be an epic fight, but unfortunately that was not to be; just as I had decided to launch my drones and overheat my guns a bit, a Falcon decloaks and hits me with the Mother of All Raspberry Jams. I LOL at 'em in Local as I wait for the inevitable, and finally warp my pod off with a salute when it happens. I won't do the "nerf ECM!" thing because I've been on the ECM-using side before, but yes, I see where people can really hate it. In my case it turned what could've been an amazing fight even if I lost into a one-sided affair forgotten as soon as I mounted another ship. Oh well, what can you do. Still, it was fun to at least get some action in the 15-20 minutes I was logged in. And I found it ironic I that found better action with random targets in Low-sec than I did from war targets !!!

Keep The PvP away from stations; it's more fun that way!


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