Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BMTHOKK aftermath

What a crazy night of fireworks that was! Before I go into my view of the event let's summerize it: blogger Kirith Kodachi was celebrating 6 years of blogging and 2000 blog posts, so he put on a live event where he would sit at a planet in the Teshkat system for 30 minutes accompanied with some of his corpmates from M3 corp. In a great show of solidarity, and expecting super capitals to wreck the party, Noir Mercenary Group decided to celebrate their 3rd anniversary by being Kirith's honor guard. Some other corps went to Kirith's defence so there was no doubt about it, he was gonna be a tough nut to crack.

The way it worked was like this. Two channels had been made for attackers and defenders respectively, so when someone got to Teshkat all he had to do was join one of the two channels and X up for fleet the old fashioned way. A few guys from Morsus Mihi had taken the reins of the attacker fleet but one thing was certain: there were A LOT MORE defenders than attackers. And to make things even more interesting, just a few minutes before the kick-off a Goonswarm gang arrived in Local and smacked like mad; for the record, the BOZOs were much better smackers. All told there was about 300 people in Local when the festivities started.

My mighty Rifter was among the first ones to arrive on the scene, and for starters my job was to maybe get rid of a few frigates. First mistake: I aggro'd on arrival so when I would inevitably lose my ship I would have to wait out the damn GCC... I cannot hate the GCC more than I hated it yesterday. Second mistake, I didn't take into account the awesome amount of logistics ships on the field. Popping a single frigate at the main battle site was pretty much impossible unless you had a ship that could insta-pop them. So for the time being the attacker fleet broke off and spread out to all the other planets to pick off followers, and this worked awesomely. But at least one guy had remained on the main battle field, and he was to become one of the heroes of the night.

After my GCC had expired I rejoined the fray in a harder hitting Thorax and started hunting GCC-afflicted enemies with my fleet-mates. At some point the comms were full of excitement when someone called that the Chimera's shield were going down. As the 30 minutes were close to being done I bee-lined for Kirith and tackled him so he couldn't fly off, but it was in vain as he was repaired almost instantly. So we broke off again, this time taking a lot less losses and returned to hunt GCC's. At least this insured that I would be on the killmail! The 30 minutes finally expired and everyone was wondering how Kirith would break the status quo. My corpmate Felix Dcat, who had stayed with the carrier for the entire time and for some reason remained ignored by the defender fleet, called again that the carrier's shields were going down. Everyone thought that this was another case of bait-tanking as we called it, but suddenly Felix called "he's into armor, and dropping fast!". Soon after he confirmed that Noir had turned its guns on Kirith's Chimera and if we wanted to be on the field went it blew up we had to boogie, so boogie we did. Mere seconds after we landed, the Ninveah's sister ship was turned into a ball of flames. We all checked our combat logs frantically but the answers soon came: I can't remember who got the final blow or who podded Kirith (much less who got the most kills during the op) but Felix Dcat, who managed to stay right on top of the Chimera for the entire length of the op, delivered over 107000 damage and earned the prize for top damage, a Guristas' Gila cruiser. There couldn't have been a better end to this event!

All in all this was an awesome event to be a part of. Many congratulations are in order: To Kirith Kodachi for his 6 years of blogging, his hosting and organizing of the event and for being an awesome sport. To Alekseyev Kaarde and Noir Mercenary Group for 3 years of operation and living up to the name of "honor guard". To my corpmate Felix Dcat for putting AMC and MAPU right on top of the damage board. To all the other winners which I don't remember right now and can't check because my work's firewall is too stupid (no worries, I will edit the post as soon as I get home). To Goonswarm for not disappointing in being your crazy selves. And finally to everyone who showed up from all over New Eden, sometimes leaving far-away Null-sec homes just to get a crack at Kirith. Both fleets had people who are usually enemies flying together and generally having an awesome time. I would also like to personally thank the guy who stepped up as FC on the attacker side; I may not like huge fleets and 0.0 blobs but when stuff needed to get done he got it done faster than I've seen in some 10-man fleets.

Thanx everyone for an awesome night in EVE !!!



Kirith Kodachi said...

I saw you in a Thorax near the end and made sure to send some drone love your way :)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

LOL! I was able to break off to go pop a Goon or 2 :))

BTW, Felix is very happy cuz the Gila is his favorite ship :)