Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Electric Supper - 2011/01/14

Sorry about the lateness, I was out of town taking it easy today. But I'm back home now so better late than never! Here's another Quebec band covering a Pink Floyd classic so worries, you won't have to try to understand french lyrics :)

On the EVE front: in preparation of Kirith's Monday night carrier bash, I will settle in comfortably and get to know Tash-Murkon a bit, as I've only travelled it real quick when I was living in W-space. This time I'm gonna scout around, make bookmarks, check out the local wild life in various Low-sec systems, but generally try not to hurt my Sec Status too much; I'm probably gonna take quite a hit on Monday so If I want to still be able to travel freely I must be careful.

Fly dangerous and enjoy the weekend !!!


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