Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three years, a new look and a wardec

Yep, today is the day that Cozmik R5 turns 3 years old, and to celebrate the event we have just received a wardec! At 1909 EST we should find out what kind of an enemy we are dealing with. Are we going to plow through them like we did with Genesis Alliance? Are we going to lose 3-4 ships to 1 to station humping the way we did in the last war? Well, according to current intel our enemy fights in two places: Cloud Ring and Jita. Impressed I am not. I did send a call to an op that may backfire on me though; I sent an alliance mail inviting whoever felt like hunting to gather up "somewhere", only to be told afterwards that the guy who got all pissy at being found to be a spy and kicked from one of our W-space dwelling corps was still in the process of having roles expiring. Neat. At least he never even got close to our wormhole colonies or their respective channels.

So tonight one of 3 things will happen. 1- They will come with a blob to camp us in, get bored after an hour and log, leaving stragglers to get WTFBBQ'd. 2- Their 0.0 elements will stay in 0.0 and not care about the wardec, and their Jita gankers will hope to catch one of us there; it shouldn't happen but if one of our guys loses a hauler like this I'm gonna laugh at him so hard he'll ragequit. 3- They will come with an even sized fleet and we will have a nice respectable skirmish. I really hope for this, but this is EVE so anything can and will happen!

But about the 3 years in EVE. Every January since 2009 I am amazed at how far I've come in the past year, but even if it has now been 3 years with only very short breaks sometimes I still feel like a complete noob. If I lead a fight there's always something that I overlook. If I fly solo I still tend to bite off more than I can chew. I'll freely admit that the quest for more ISK has kept me away from the much more fun but ISK-draining PvP, and in doing that one can get a bit rusty, but now that I have a few jump clones, a good ISK base and a decent agent to help me replenish the wallet I should be able to spend more time looking for trouble. I know there could be other ways to make ISK; I have a very hot trade alt I can use to buy low/sell high, but that's about it. When I play EVE I am the epitome of Lazy Bastards and I hate working. But money is needed so I have to work a bit. In truth, EVE is not the perfect space game for me, but no game out there even comes close, and those that could are turning into vaporware. Oh well, what can you do.

So what are Cozmik's plans for the next year? These days I'm into buffing up my drone skills, and I won't stop until I have both T2 heavies and sentries. Only then will I be justified in buying an Ishtar. After that I will probably start training T2 lazors and Amarr ships, with the obligatory tracking disrupting and cap sucking skills of course. Nothing fancy, just up to cruiser sized ships. I'm very much of a killmail whore so I've always steered away from logistics ships, but some time this year I think I will bite the bullet and train it up, along with the remote repairing and cap transfering skills. But I very much prefer to be on the killing side than on the repping side; same as above, EVE is not perfect for me. And after that? I'll just train up every sub-capital skills. Even 3 years down the road, when a lot of players are already in Null-sec cap blobs, I still have zero interest in capital ships. The Orca is as big as I'll ever get. I can very well see myself a few years from now and having Cozmik quit training altogether and have an alt start training. But know this: if some game company ever comes out with a single-shard sandbox space game where more effort is put on the actual piloting and PvP aspects than on economy and industry, and ships are flown by a flight control system instead of a keyboard and mouse, I will have a lot of stuff to hand out! But for now, EVE is it and there's only one thing I want from it: get better at flying what I already fly.

Fly dangerous, and if your corp ticker is D-X-M, let's dance!



Anonymous said...

Hey hey, from that random guy from Kingston.

Cheers, Mate

One day I'll get my openID account to work properly

Knug LiDi

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Hey there !!!