Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post Holiday Zombieness

They were fun. They were busy. They were flooded in alcohol and left a trail of hang-overs. But at some point the holidays had to end and we would have to get back to the grind of Real Life *sigh*. As is standard procedure in my family, the New Year party is much much MUCH more fun as it is mostly a crowd of Gen X'ers partying it up until 8am, not quite succeeding in sleeping, and having a group breakfast in the "morning", around Noon. New Year with our crazy bunch of family and friends is an extreme sport :))

Because I haven't had a holiday season this lively in such a long time let's just say that gaming in general got pushed to the back burner, though I did do a couple missions, and give a nasty brown mark to a noobish Vexor pilot. I was on my way out of the Mya system after an uneventful tour of the 2-star constellation's asteroid belts looking for the first AMC kill of the year, and as I land on the gate the Vexor jumps thru, right in my lap. It was quite the one-way fight against my Hurricane. Upon checking the character's age I did feel bad, so I sent him a bit of ISK to get a new ship and told him to be more careful; hey what can I say, I was in a festive mood :) Well, now he knows that Low-Sec can be interesting. After waiting out the obligatory GCC (yo, vikings... 15 minutes is TOO GODDAMN LONG !!!!) I get back to the gate lead to Hi-Sec when this time a 2-day old Velator jumps in; wtf, am I a noob magnet ?!?! I told him in Local that I wouldn't even bother wasting ammo on him, but I do advise him to be careful in these waters.

When I finally leave the dead-end constellation I head towards the Gallente-Amarr border in search of more trouble, but somehow everyone I came across was too skittish about engaging my 'Cane. I even followed an Armageddon all the way up to the Bleak Lands, but at some point he rejoined his Faction Warfare buddies, and a 12-man gang was not something I wanted to tackle solo so I pulled a U-turn and headed back to HQ. But as I land on the Altanins gate in Elarel, a lone Vagabond is camping. Unfortunately he warps off to the star just as I exit warp. I follow him thinking that maybe he wants a fight away from the gate guns, which is understandable, but he warps off again. It appeared to be towards the Altanins gate but when I land there he's nowhere to be seen, although he's still on scan. So I camped the gate a bit in case he finally decides to let me aggro (thus getting the sentries on me), or in case something worthy comes thru, but at some point I decide I've had enough of this waiting game and call it a night. Maybe next time I'll go back there with my own Vaga!

But apart from that tiny bit of The PvP, skill flipping and a few missions, it's been awfully quiet in EVE for me. Maybe even too quiet. I don't know how busy my corpmates have been over the holidays, but it seems that instead of having more time to log in, they've had less. And looking at MAPU's member list, it's easy to notice that only a small handful of us have been playing regularly. And even I am guilty of not logging in sometimes as Real Life has a tendency to become a complete bitch. So I have the feeling that soon I will have to ask myself some serious questions about staying in MAPU or not. It's not that I don't like the guys; most of 'em are from my area and we have a great time together at our EVE pilot meets. But I'm more into small-gang PvP than solo PvP. I like shooting the shit, smacking Local and picking fights. What I DO NOT want is 50+ man blobs and orders to play the game a certain way. And I admit it, I miss NPC 0.0. If I can find a corp that doesn't mind having a player that gets busy in real life, flies dangerously, and sometimes does stupid shit just because he can, then I may very well move. I want EVE to stay a game, but I understand that when shit needs to get done, it needs to get done. But I will not fly a ship under threat. Anyway, 2011 is very young, we'll see what fun it brings!

2010 is dead, long live 2011 !!!


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