Thursday, December 15, 2011

So many fronts!

This week is turning out to be interesting in all sorts of ways. When I logged in EVE last monday I noticed that not only did CCP had Christmas presents for us, but I also noticed that my wallet was quite a bit fatter than it was the day before. A quick check of the journal showed me that my corpmate si Gong, who had asked me the day before how much ISK I had to get to buy and fit a new Sleipnir, had dumped 150 million in my wallet and ordered me to go shopping. It didn't take much more to convince me and some time later after a trip to Jita where the Slippy was cheapest I was flying in Stinkfoot II :)) I know I use it for carebearing but it did feel nice to be in my favorite cash cow again.

The fun and loud part of the week was yesterday when my buddy Letrange and I went to Montreal's Foufounes Électriques (Electric Buttcheeks XD) to be treated by the Devin Townsend Project with some extremely powerful yet tasteful British Columbia Nerd Metal. The Fouf's is a pretty small venue so the band was really connecting with the crowd, and Devin's humor and showmanship is simply unparalelled. The next time they come to town I hope I won't be as flat-broke as I was yesterday so I can get myself the coolest rock memorabilia ever: the Ziltoid The Omniscient hand puppet! Good job HevyDevy and co. and can't wait for the next show!

And the fun is going on today as not only is it finally my pay day (after the most horrendous 2 weeks ever) but it's also the day where Cozmik's capsule will crash-land on the northern part of the continent of Tamriel. Yes indeed, right after work I'm picking up my copy of TES: Skyrim and try (most probably in vain) to not go to bed too late. The character I want to play will be a Redguard so I'll try my best to match Cozmik's Minmatar Brutor looks. Let's hope the game lets me! I've also thought of a nordic spin on Cozmik's name: in Skyrim he will be known as Cozmiken Arrfimm ("fimm" is icelandic for "five" by the way). The "R" in Cozmik R5 stands for "red" but the icelandic word for red is a bit too complicated to my taste so I went with the pronounciation only. Anyway, questing starts tonight so here's to hoping I don't get an arrow in the knee :))

But does the fun stop there? No-sireee Bob! Tomorrow is my work's Christmas lunch, and because we finish at Noon it should be quite epic. On the menu for me: lamb chops and most probably a St-Emilion red wine. Yeah, it'll rock! But wait, there's more! On Saturday at 1900 evetime will be Marlona Sky's "Flight of a Thousand Rifters", an event where frigs and destroyers are invited to try and take down Intigo, Marlona's Moros dreadnaught. The event being at 1400 Montreal time, I should have no problems making it before... an impromptu EVE meet to end 2011 !!!

So yes, I may not be in game much these days but after the crazy 2 weeks Life is finally throwing all sorts of cool stuff at me.

As you may have noticed, Kirith Kodachi is not the only canuck to advertise this fine service to the EVE community. I haven't yet experienced it myself but because I want to know the product which I now advertise I will most probably give it a shot on Sunday to relax after all the fun stuff that's been happening. So by all means, go clickety-click the Rifter banner and tell 'em Cozmik sent you!

Fly fun everyone !!!


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