Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Skyrim pictorial, redux being a complete bitch when you want to add pictures, let's redo this post with the pics I wanted.

Redguard... Minmatar... it's all the same to me!
Having a pretty quiet Christmas time, I was able to put some time into Skyrim and had a blast. Now at level 25, this version of Cozmik can now craft "flawless" armor and weapons, improve enchanted items, and lay pretty powerful enchantments on stuff. And yet these skills pale in comparison to my heavy armor and one-handed weapons skills. See those two Elven blades on the rack? I made better version of 'em because those were only "exquisite". So now with my tough Orcish armor my dragon-fragging tactic is to wait for 'em to land, run up to their snouts, and double-swing like a madman. I come out of those encounters with about 80% health, while the dragon is very very dead. Here's a few more screenies for your viewing pleasure:

My new neighborhood, the city of Markarth
Welcome to my humble abode, Vlindrel Hall!
My home's enchantment lab. On the left are my retired Palpatine and Sauron swords
The master's bedroom. Hey what's in that case on the left?
Spawned it for decoration purposes only. When I DO get a pair of swords though.... >:)
Showing this dragon who the fuck is boss. As I said, I've had tougher challenges :)
Deep beneath Markarth, the coolest dungeon ever, Nchuand-Zel!
And finally, Coz doing what he does best, ruining someone's day. Helmet removed to look more badass :))

And that's it! Merry Christmas to all, party hard, fly harder, and fuk 'em up !!!



Truen1ght said...

"Helmet removed to look more badass"


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah... bad habit from DDO. I take off my helm so I don't look like a tool. And then forget to put it back on. I did it again yesterday against a dragon; good thing my skills are getting up there XD