Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - New Year Edition

To end the year, here's the band from my home town with a tune about the place that started it all for them. Groovy used to practice above a sinister-looking doughnut shop, where according to the song (and probably in reality... I've seen the place!) the doughnuts were fluorescent, and where the choice was wide but the taste was... disturbing!

On the gaming front, I've been on a massive Skyrim binge but I should log back into EVE a bit over the weekend. I still have to find a justification for my staying subscribed. In any case this blog will remain alive even if I decide to go, and even if I do I doubt it would be permanent. Something about EVE's uniqueness and whatnot.

To you all, I wish a very happy 2012 !!!


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