Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yes, the new internet meme/unrelenting force shout explains perfectly what's been going on in Real Life over the past week and a half, and unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with playing Skyrim; more on that later. Because of increased parental duties due to my ex renovating the bathroom of her house, thus making it pretty uninhabitable, my boys have been staying with me in my small appartment. When I have them over every other weekend I couch-surf for 3 nights as they take over my bed, but this time I had to couch-surf for a week, with a little break over the weekend, and again this week hopefully for one last night tonight. Oh and I will have 'em this coming weekend too as we'll be back on the regular duty schedule. All it does nothing to help my already strainded relations with the ex. Oh well, normality should return soon™.

In the short play time that I did get I went on a small gang PvP roam with a fleet consisting of a Vexor, Moa, Crow and my Firetail. Many jumps happened uneventfully, but for half the roam our Moa pilot's experience was marred by his computer's inhability to see his sound card, and the EVE client simply refused to let him on comms. Not fun that. So halfway on the roam we lost our Moa, both because of the comm situation and RL stuff. And we finally got some action at the very end. Our Crow pilot found a Maller and a Navitas in a belt and we decided to tackle the Maller even under the disapproval of Havegun, our Vexor pilot and FC. Soon after we had engaged a Talos arrived on the scene so we quickly switched targets, but a few seconds later a few Against All Authorities guys arrrived in a timely manner and proceeded to fuck us up. We died gloriously and fun was had. Note to Havegun: dude, stop protecting your immense sec status! Being too picky about targets means that too often we don't get any action, or when we do the bad guys are the wrong ones to engage. I also got a bit more action later as I was flying a Stabber from Gallente space to Heimatar the long way through Low-sec (and met Kirith Kodachi in Local on the way!) but my trip went South when I met a wall of BC's supported by a remote sensor-boosting Lachesis. Usually I'm fast enough to fly through gate camps, but not this one as the Lachesis jumped in with me and had me locked and tackled in record time. I did try to take him down with me but the wall of BC popped me too fast. It was still funny though and I gave props to the Lach pilot :)

But as the title implies, I'm starting to have my mind wander into non-Internet-Spaceship related territory. Yes Crucible is good but there's still so much about EVE that to me is just meh. Ever since it came out last month I've been reading and hearing the rave reviews about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and being also a fan of fantasy settings these are not falling on deaf ears. I never do the "ZOMG I'm gonna pre-purchase this game 2 years in advance!" thing for a few reasons: my money is tight, I prefer to let other people find bugs and problems, and by all that is good and mighty I hate following masses. The perfect example of this is that it took me quite a while to get into the Harry Potter series. But for Skyrim, it is now clear that the masses were right; the game met and even exceeded all expectations and is a resounding success. And when I found out from one Carole Pivarnik (does that name ring a bell? It should...) that Skyrim is playable on a slightly aged machine I told myself that maybe I should really look into it. I even started to prepare myself to re-install Morrowind as I waited for the occasion to get the newer game. And then Malukah happened.

An obscene amount of people talk about getting arrows to the knees, but as a gamer, fantasy buff, musician, and hell even as a human male, I took arrows to the heart and soul! I had seen Mintchip's hilarious gameplay videos, and also some great Machinima vids, but Malukah managed to do with one heart-melting tear-extracting song what even Bethesda's own gameplay and cinematic trailers couldn't do. I gotta play Skyrim. Now. No... yesterday! So it's pretty ironic that at about the same time that my EVE subscription comes to renewal I will be joining the masses of Fantasy RPG gamers and diving into a lush universe full of wonder and dangers, and bandits and werewolves and dragons. Oh my! Malukah, thank you for giving me the final push to get me started in Skyrim, and also for the sweet sweet music you gave us. I for one hope you will give us many more tunes, be they covers or originals. The Thu'um is strong in you :)

Fly like huge fire-breathing winged reptilians


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