Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2011/12/09

Yes I have to bug you one more time with Maestro HevyDevy and with good reason. Next Wednesday at 7PM my buddy Letrange and I will go to Montreal's Foufounes Electriques to see and hear the Devin Townsend Project. It should be quite the show!

On the EVE front: finally got a bit of EVE done yesterday! I did a bit of exploration and found a Radar and a Magnetometric site, and then paid a visit to the hellhole known as Jita where I found that the Large Neutrons were the cheapest (!) at 7m ISK so I bought a full set for my upcoming Talos. But in my tiredness I sort of left 'em in the hangar in Jita 4-4 because I wanted to take a good look at this without being hassled:

All banged up!

Yes, this is the result of the bashing you can see in my header (excerpt from this video) Now the big question: should I change my header to reflect the change to the monument or do I leave my header as is to remind CCP that the player base will get angry if pushed?

... More stuff to be written cuz now I gotta leave my place XD

Aight back from work, but completely lost my train of thought. I'm a fail-blogger lately! Call it the pre-holidays syndrome, plus my brain is trying to go 20000 directions at once. And I have an ex to throw me curve balls (flaming ones of course). Oh well... I guess that's why there are first-person shooters :))

Fly hard and kill 'em all!


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