Saturday, September 24, 2011

One night in Montreal

Yesterday we had a special Friday night EVE Meet to celebrate German capsuleer Carbon Freezer's vacation in our sweet city. Carbon was living in Montreal up until a year and a half ago and used to be a meet regular. After accepting a job he couldn't refuse he went back to the Fatherland and now lives in Trier.

So beer was consumed, stories were exchanged and even corp application were discussed, all on a perfect night on the Brutopia terrasse. It was a pretty awesome way to start the fall season :)) Here's a short pictorial of what will be remembered as the September 23rd Carbon Meet:

Clockwise from bottom left: Crazy Kinux's horns, Letrange stretching, Carbon Freezer hiding, K'na waving, Havegun Willtravel gunning, Felix Dcat peacing, Uozag doing nothing in particular, and Don Pellegrino barely showing up

From left to right: Felix Dcat, Cartboard Box, Maulos, unkown neighbor getting blobbled, Crazy Kinux's chest.

From left to right: Havegun Willtravel, Don Pellegrino, Uozag, Felix Dcat

The LaSalle borrough players: myself Cozmik R5 and K'na

Members of the old Blog Pack: Blogfather Crazy Kinux and Letrange

Beer haze means I don't remember your name, O Torontoan of Rooks and Kings and girlfriend! On the right is Letrange, and on the bottom Maulos' cranium.

And this is what a Montreal EVE Meet looks like. We do this every two weeks, usually on Saturdays at 7PM, always at Brutopia with their fine in-house brewed cereal juices of awesomeness. We always welcome new EVE players. If you would like to know more, contact us in the EVE MTL in-game channel or post in the thread I maintain in the Events and Gatherings section of the EVE-O forums. I raise my pint of Cask IPA to everyone who came, and here's to many other fine meets!

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