Thursday, September 1, 2011

I made the pack !!!

As of yesterday, Beyond Space is now part of the new revamped EVE Blog Pack. Yay moi !!! Of course this will mean a few things that will affect the way I post, although ever so slightly; the powers-that-be at the Blog Pack (ie: Rixx Javixx) know that I'm an unrepentant non-conformist, and I take a lot of pride in doing things my way. But yes, I will conform to a few rules, like linking the individual blogs of the pack (I do have a link to EVEoganda's Blog Pack page), participating in the blog banters, posting regularly, etc. I will also try to ease up on the occasional swearing, but EVE being EVE and CCP being CCP there are sometimes situations where a string of swear words is the only logical response. Besides, I'm not forcing anyone to agree with what I think.

That said, I've received news yesterday that one of my real-life buddies will most probably resubscribe in the near future, and with the same goals I have: blow stuff up. Not for money or ransom, not for grief or revenge, just for the sake of seeing pretty lights! This should make for an interesting autumn :)

Fly dangerous



Rixx Javix said...

Welcome aboard m8. Just remember you've been added because you are you, so go light on the changes to attitude. The last thing I want is all the blogs on the pack to be the same generic drivel. Be yourself and have fun.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

No worries mate, and thanx again!