Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The elusive return kill

Ever since coming back to EVE I've had limited time to go out and find something to frag, and now close to two weeks after I've resubbed I'm still looking for that elusive ice-breaking kill. I came pretty close when I had a really good 1v1, Taranis vs Taranis, but it came down to my opponent having a NOS and a small armor repper. It did come down to the very last bits of structure though, but in the end my dual-prop fit didn't tank enough. Gratz to Jan Morgenstern for that great fight! But apart from that it's been jump after jump of dead space, or my Rifter escaping 3-4 man BC gangs. Hell, yesterday I was so desperate to actually engage someone that I went for a Dramiel in Old Man Star with my Rifter, with predictable results.

So my options are simple: fly bigger ships and/or fly with people. Before I do the latter I do want to brush off more PvP rust and of course this means I'll have more ships to replace, thus more carebearing to do to get more ISK... ah, the downsides of EVE! It seems though that some people haven't forgotten me because I have received a few offers to join corporations, and for that I salute everyone who did. I just want to get a slightly better footing before I start on some adventure or other. Being a piss-poor 50 million SP character is kind of hard, but I have to live with it. Because yeah, I passed the 50 million SP barrier about a week ago! I didn't post about it because this time around it didn't coincide with some fancy skill other than Small Blaster Specialization V (yes, uber Taranis or Daredevil!). And now that I can fly pretty much all the ships I want or need I'm just going on a massive support skill buffing spree, as well as finally getting T2 missiles.

Here's to hoping CCP does something to boost interest in small-scale The PvP because it's pretty much the only thing I really love about EVE. Yes, I would probably be more successful if I was flying with a gang, but I want to choose my next corporation very carefully. Once again my rules in corp selection are clear: no over-the-top FC's, the ability to do what I want when I want and zero seriousness! Oh, and if I'm to have -10 sec status by joining a pirate corp, the said corp better have a good logistics train because I don't have a second account to haul ships for me. And no, I don't like EVE enough to reactivate my second account. If you think your corporation fits those criterias please feel free to evemail me or convo me or comment here on the blog. Until then, I'll keep brushing off rust and hopefully get the elusive kill I crave so much!

Fly hungry


Edit #1: w00t!!! I finally broke the ice :)) Just killed this Punisher, but the wreck was still smoking when a Rapier uncloaked and he and his buddies fragged me... ah, life in Old Man Star XD

Edit #2: someone explain to me why the fuck the GCC starts up again when it was clearly over and I undocked... damn 1000$ designer jeans loving, monocle toting vikings.... >:(


Naoru Kozan said...

xXTESTOMESXx baits for those Desman Alliance guys. Pretty much all DA does is camp OMS. They have link T3's in system as well. Very hard to get a "fair" fight there.
If you want a frigate 1v1, swing through Hevrice and ask in local. Odds are one of my corpies will be up for a duel.
Join "The Tuskers Public Channel", we run small, very loose, frigate gangs and if you need help for a larger target many of the local pirate corps hang out in that channel.

Good luck with blowing away the pvp rust.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I didn't expect a fait fight in OMS, I know better. But if I killed their bait then I consider that a win!

I did pass by Hevrice yesterday on my longish roam; it was ringing a belland I didn't know why. Now I know :) I'll pass by the channel for sure!