Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Part One of the preparations for my return has been done. The EVE client is re-installed and up to date as of yesterday night, and I must say that Incarna has given it a terminal case of bloatware. Close to 9gb? Damn! Sign of the times I guess. I know I do have some stuff to clean out of my hard drive cuz at 320gb it's approaching its limit a bit faster than I like. I know what you're all saying: "just get a 1tb drive dude", "get an external to back stuff up", etc. But if I was to make a list of everything I'd like to buy, computer related or not, I'll realize quickly that I need a salary worthy of some high-profile company CEOs. So don't comment about what to buy.

I kept myself from reactivating the account right away for a few reasons. First, by the time I had finished installing the client it was close to 11PM, and I knew that if I logged in I'd get sucked in until 1 or 2AM and I'd be a complete wreck this morning. I'm already a wreck because my brain is still on vacation so let's not worsen the situation. Second, even though I have a PLEX ready to be used for the reactivation I want to time the return just right for when I actually have to pay for the subscription. I've never been good with ISK (or real money for that matter...) so I can forget about using PLEXes to keep me going, unless I get lucky and find some rad complex loot or get a massive donation. Third, this weekend I'm on parent duty so as I've said it before, EVE and kids do not mix. And fourth, I don't want to rush anything, and I know that when I'll get back in I'll have crap-tons of stuff to do, settings to tweak, channels to open, people to talk to, etc. This means I'll need close to an entire day just to get back in. Such is the reality of EVE: everything is massively over-complicated and everything you want to do takes..... a...... lot............. of.......................... time !!!

But I guess I miss catching someone off-guard and tears of disapproval enough to endure everything I hate about EVE yet again. Hey who knows, maybe some viking, fearing that his job is in jeopardy because of his chiefs' stupid decisions, will start listening to some players that have been repeating the same things for years on end and start a revolution. "C'est beau de rĂªver" as we say in french! But yeah, when I first get on, after the necessary fixes to the UI settings have been done, I have to do what I hate the most and start making ISK. I have the feeling that my first 5 days of game play will have about the same effect on my brain as a Makita power drill. I will have to take some breaks by getting some PvP kills or else I'll just feel like leaving again. During this time I'll think about the various options available to get what I want out of the game. I don't want EVE to be a chore ever again. I want easy-going gangs that don't have FC's who pop fuses every time someone loses a ship or if I smack in Local, because I do like to smack. And most important, if an FC or director or CEO complains about the way I fit a ship while I have a massively positive efficiency (97% last time this happened) I will tell that FC/director/CEO to sit on my raised middle finger and spin. This is a sandbox, and when I am in a sandbox, even though I could be playing with some people, I will still do whatever the hell I want.

So there you go. The client is (almost) ready, and this BOV is almost ready to relieve the bitterness the only way I know: blowing shit up!

Fly like it's the last time; it just might be



Naoru Kozan said...

The Tuskers are recruiting at the moment. Lowsec piracy, mostly small gang and soloing. We do have a no smack policy though lol.

AFK Falcon kill with frigates :)

GL in finding a new corp.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

No smack for an ex BOZO is like no sex for a porn star! But still, I'll look you guys up when I'm ready :)