Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The last vacation's AAR, and preps for The Return of Coz

Even though it was sad and inevitable, Reality came knocking yesterday morning as my vacation was over and I got back to work. It's weird that no matter how long your vacations last it's never long enough. It's just so much fun to do what you want when you want... at least I know I won't get bored or miss my work place when I'll ultimately retire. Unless things change radically this is only in 10 years so I can already start thinking about it!

The vacation started with a bang on my birthday (which is described here) but afterwards things calmed down a lot and I was able to take life easy and slow. OK, it helped that I was pretty much broke most of the time but this actually helped me take time to completely relax and breathe. My main activity was of course riding my bike; in the 2 weeks of my vacation I rode something between 250 and 300 kilometers. It's awesome to have access to some of the nicest bike paths in the country! So I was able to do my relaxing and contemplating life by sitting next to the Lachine rapids for example. And on the days where the weather royally sucked I still took it way easy, so easy that I didn't even get any gaming done. In fact in the entire summer I've limited my gaming time to the point where now I'm actually missing it (any game) and when I'll get back I'll be able to enjoy gaming a lot more than I used to say 4 months ago. One of the things I've said often this summer is "Real > Pixels", and I put my money where my mouth is. So I used my time to get back in touch with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, got to meet some people I didn't know (we still get some newcomers at our EVE meets!), and even got to chat with someone I wouldn't mind getting closer to! Now hold your horses, don't get the rumor mill spinning madly out of control; I'm still single and loving it, and with all the crazy past experiences I've had I'm not about to be tied down. But when you meet someone who actually appreciates and accepts this, well you never know where things could end up. But I'll still follow my two main rules: zero rush and zero pressure.

OK enough of my boring soap opera, let's get to the important part of this post. I know I've said hard things about EVE, CCP, Incarna, and monocle-toting rich carebear fucks, but after three months of cold turkey I admit I'm starting to miss the sound of autocannons and lazorz. I even miss the sweet voice of Aura (as long as it's not to tell me I can't warp off because I'm scrammed!). So I've decided that some time in the near future Cozmik R5 will be thawed, slapped in the face a few times, given coffee ultimate enough to make Ziltoid The Omniscient proud, steeped into his pod and inserted back into his Taranis, Crusader, Vagabond, Cynabal, Sleipnir, Absolution... you get the picture! I'll try to make some ISKies at first because I did buy some nifty toys before entering cryosleep, and I know that if I come back it will be for the following reasons: blow shit up, get my shit blown up, make some people cry, and ultimately have fun. During my vacation I spent a bit of time on #tweetfleet and I've been told I could be welcomed back to Ushra'Khan, but now I know they are much deeper into Null-sec, and while this may be fun at times I admit I'm slightly too hard-headed to take orders, and flying bigger gangs with ship fits set in stone annoys me to no end. So there are really only two options left for me: Wardecs and Piracy. Or both! Knowing how easy it is I will also probably pop random industrials in Hi-sec just for the hell of it, because tears are delicious and in my last few months of playing EVE they have been extremely rare. So yes, I intend to make a comeback as a very very bad person >:)

Now about Incarna and its computer-frying properties: I do have an older computer now so I'll be staring at a door for a while, but it shouldn't affect me too much because I want to spend more time in space than in a station, Also I don't multi-box so this is not a problem to me. I will completely shun the infamous NEX store; hell, if anyone has a way to remove the NEX button tell me about it. When Incarna was announced I had a plan to do something hilarious but apparently it can't work: eventually when other parts of the stations become accessible I wanted to have Cozmik walk around Jita 4-4 in only his trunks, but CCP doesn't allow that. Damn vikings... :)

So there you go, it's been officially announced. I haven't set a date yet but it could be very soon because I do have a PLEX stashed just for this occasion. The first order of business will be to get some good energy emissions related skills (I can already fly the Curse), get my small and medium laser specs to V, and get Minmatar Battleship V. I will probably do the Amarr BS stuff after because I've heard Abaddons hurt a lot :) So if at some point you're mining away, just minding your own business in a peaceful 0.8 system, and you see a Vexor land next to you, smile because you just might appear on Cozmik's Candid Blaster !!!

Dangerous: the only way to fly


PS: I'd like to send my best wishes to CrazyKinux. Thank you for all you did for the EVE blogging community.


Maulos said...


Then you should come join us!


When is the next montreal meet?

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'll surely look into this after I get back in.

BTW, the next Montreal Meet is Saturday, August 27th. Always at Brutopia on Crescent st.

Riley said...

Perhaps you should look at VETO.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yep, your old bros and sisters are somewhere on my list :)