Thursday, August 25, 2011

The first tentative roam

Now that much of my stuff is in place I can finally say I'm back, but unfortunately due to a case of tiredness (coming back from dad duty weekends is always interesting) I haven't logged on more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a time, and if you know the beast that is EVE you know that in that time you simply cannot do much. But yesterday after taking care of my trade alt's business I had only one thing to do with Cozmik: get his ass back into a Rifter and fly dangerous. Because I often fly with ex AMC alliance mates my PvP operations are once again based in Gallente space, with easy access to various Low-sec pipes. So off I went in search of hopefully a likely target, and if I met a blob I hoped I was in something fast enough to GTFO.

The first few systems were basically dead, with the few in Local probably docked up or POSed up. No ships on scan apart from those parked at POSes, no wrecks, I quickly pushed on because I wasn't flying something that can really camp a gate. I got my hopes up in the Mormelot system when I noticed a Slasher on scan, and I don't think it was at a POS. There were some wrecks in various belts so my hopes got even higher. But then I noticed another ship on scan, a Hurricane. And sure enough, the next belt I warped into the 'Cane was right there, not even 4000 meters away from me. Not wanting to bite more than I can chew, I warped off to a planet, and then to my out gate where the 'Cane was once again waiting. But in hindsight maybe I should've engaged him; Having landed in the ship's sweet spot (assuming he had AC's) and him not shooting me as soon as I arrived... I don't know, sounds mighty fail. Oh well, on his second try at the gate he had no hope of catching me so I pushed on a bit farther.

Once again, I had a few systems that had nothing of interest but when I entered Gratesier from the Schoorasana gate I got a bit of an adrenaline rush. Camping there were 2 Hurricanes and Vagabond, with only one 'Cane not red. As I held my cloak I saw them maneuvering so when I selected a planet to warp off to I closed my eyes and hit warp, hoping no one had a sensor booster. Apparently not because I got out unscathed! I could've push farther into Amarr space but I didn't want to stay up too late, something all too easily done in EVE. So I pressed my luck and warped right back to the Schoorasana gate. Sure enough, one 'Cane and the Vaga had jumped to the other side with the second 'Cane waiting for my arrival, but once again I slipped through them like a wet soap bar. The return trip was most uneventful... apparently I wasn't the only one going to bed early!

So all in all this may seem like a short and unsuccessful roam, but I did what I intended to do, which is to brush off some of the PvP rust I have accumulated during my hiatus, fly manually in unfriendly space, and dance in the face of would-be enemies while mooning and flipping them off! I can't wait to do it again with more time available, less sleepiness, and hopefully more unsuspecting victims out in space :)

Fly with guns blazing


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