Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journey's end

And it's finally done. The obligatory "I'm outta here" on the EVE-O forums has been posted, without a wall-o-text of whine I might add. The "can I haz your stuff" comments have been heard and ridiculed. And with the closed account the EVE-O forums are back to read-only for me. At least I'll be able to keep track of what's been happening when I get the spaceship bug again.

But I couldn't leave without giving one last shot at The PvP so the past couple of days I've logged in longer than in the entire past month. The roams me and a couple of AMC buddies had weren't too successful. On Tuesday we roamed for 2+ hours without meeting anyone to fight; Someone explain this to me: how does a 3-man gang (us) formed of a Hurricane, a Myrmidon and Thorax gets no fight against a 5-man piwat gang comprised of a Broadsword, 2 Drakes and 2 Canes?! We didn't want to shoot ourselves in the feet by getting gate aggression, but even when all the cards were on the table they wouldn't touch us. We ended up heading towards Amamake where we expected to fight someone, but 2 out of 3 members of our small gang had to leave for Real Life reasons. So much for The PvP.

And yesterday just a few hours before my account ran out my old buddy Havegun and I went back out, this time in the general direction of Old Man Star, with a quick stop by the Mya-Gerper constellation so I could say goodbye to our old frag buddies, the Basgerin Pirates. We started with my Stabber and a Vexor, and one Basgerin was in a Hurricane right at the station undock. I aggressed him and called the Vexor in, but being too close to the station I messed up my orbit and got too close, and got scrammed/webbed. We did manage to get the Cane into armor before I died, but a second Basgerin had logged in and joined the fun. The Vexor lasted longer than I did, but its end was inevitable. GF's were given, goodbyes were made, and off we went to reship.

Now flying another Stabber and an Arbitrator, we bee-lined towards OMS. We did have to skate around a BC/T3 gang along the way but nothing happened, except Havegun killing a Shadow Serpentis rat in one of the belts, with decent loot! We got to OMS only to find an even bigger BC/T3 gang. Great... flying defensive again. Seeing that this would only end in tears we went to the neighboring Heydeiles system. Two Drakes, a Rifter and a Punisher were flying around, but we had no clue who was flying with who, so we started touring the belts. Ships were going in and out of scanner range and at some point, a single Drake lands on top me and aggresses. Havegun then joined me so we were able to do a lot of damage, but not enough as the second Drake arrived on the scene. I went down quick, and the Arbitrator only a little longer after. Back to Go, collect 200$.

For the final run we went out in 2 Hurricanes and headed towards Decon, where Havegun knows a few likely targets. And they didn't dissapoint! On scan were a Vagabond and a Hyperion, and at some point Havegun and the Vaga are at about 120km from each other, with the Vaga approaching. When the fight starts I hit the warp button, but Lo and Behold the Vagabond is so fail-fit that he goes down almost instantly, tanking less than 5000 hit points. Dude, you're doing it wrong! We then attack the Hyperion and start doing quite a number on him, until he is joined by a Curse and an Ashimmu. My Cane died before we could get past the BS's active tank, but Havegun, having fit a bigger tank lasted quite a bit longer; I was able to go back to the battlefield twice in Reapers :) So at least we got into one good fight before the end of my time. Once again GF's were shouted in Local, and so were goodbyes.

Our PvP wad having been shot, I cloned-jumped back to my mission hub system of Balginia where my spiffier ships were waiting. I filled up my training queue even though it was about to stop ticking, but it should be ready for my return, God knows when. The very last thing I wanted to do was take a screenshot of my Absolution, currently my best PvP ship, flying into the sunset...

So long New Eden...

This is Capsuleer Cozmik R5, signing off.


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Letrange said...

I read this post while listening to Dire Straight's Brother's in Arms. Appropriate.

Fly safe my friend!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Nice, I approove :)

Thanx mate. C ya over scotch soon :))

Max said...

[q]Tuesday we roamed for 2+ hours without meeting anyone to fight

I quite understand why you leaving EvE.

Ga'len said...

Gonna miss ya mate! Don't be a stranger !

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

No worries man... I won't be :)