Thursday, May 12, 2011

What to do with my EVE money


Roland TD-4KX

And this.

Obviously I wasn't talking about ISK. Now that I don't live in the same building as my acoustic drums, the past couple of months after the move have seen my drumming skills being neglected. This is unacceptable. And because my place is way too small for a kit the size of mine (my landlord would frag me anyway) I had to find a solution. And it didn't take too much shopping to realise that Roland electronic drums are the solution. To put it simply, Roland drums are second to none. I've tried models from Yamaha, DDrum, Alesis and various other (cheap-ass) companies and it's really easy to see how Roland drums are superior in every way.

Now do I have 1500$ to plop on a new kit right away? Well, no. I'll just have to do what I did when I got my Ibanez guitar: put a deposit on the kit, double pedal, quality headphones and throne, and show up at the store every other week and slap a bit of money on it. The target date: Christmas. As Wayne put it, "It will be mine... oh yes... it WILL be MINE!"

And the Drum Channel thing? Drum channel is the brain child of drum instructor Don Lombardi and drum legend Terry Bozzio to create a one-stop site for the drumming community, complete with interactive lessons, interviews, shows and special events. Guests are anybody from completely unknown drummers to established drum icons. I mean, what could be better than receiving actual lessons from people like Bozzio, Peter Erskine, Neil Peart, Ralph Humphrey, Stephen Perkins, etc.? Yes, Frank Zappa was right... music is the best !!!

Fly loud


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