Monday, May 23, 2011

Quake graphics 101

To the casual player, Quake Live looks like this:


But to the serious Quaker, prettiness is superfluous, and the game looks like this:

Who needs eye candy?!

Take a wild guess which side of the crowd I'm part of >:) A little back story on the map: this is Blood Run by a brilliant map maker called ztn. The first version of this map was for the venerable Classic Quake, and it received a new life not long after Quake3 came out. It's very popular among competition deathmatchers, and it's also one of my favorites. The key to success on this map is controlling the Red Armor (RA), on that little ledge on the left, and the MegaHealth (MH), which is found just on the other side of the archway on the bottom of the map. Getting to the RA can be tricky though, as you have to leave yourself exposed to attacks from below.

So yes, ever since the EVE account went dead I've been getting back seriously into Quake, mainly playing FFA deathmatches, Clan Arena, and a little Instagib to work on my rusty railgun. I also spent last evening getting back together with a few of my old clanmates, where I found that for someone who spent much of 3.5 years not playing Quake seriously I wasn't as rusty as I thought! My buddy StaticSys did remind me more than a few times that my railgun needed some work, so this morning I got on an Instagib server and managed to pull this off:

Booya !!!

I need to work on my rail accuracy a bit more, but yeah... I'm back :)

Fly dangerous; rocket-jumps ftw !!!


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