Monday, May 9, 2011

Sick Day Electric Lunch Hour

Yeah, I think I wasn't dressed warmly enough for Saturday's Montreal EVE Meet, which for the first time this year started on the terrasse. The result, a nasty cold and a dead throat. So here I am trying to drink as much fluid as possible and watching music stuff on YouTube.

Here's an awesome one from the late 80's, with The Who's Pete Townsend surrounding himself with a most amazing band, and as he said, The Gilmour :) On a side note, drummer Simon Phillips and I share something, the taste for drum sticks. Pro Mark's ZX-707 model to be precise. As I've told a few drummers starting up, choosing drum sticks works like wands in Harry Potter: they choose you, not the other way around. You basically have to go to your favorite music store, arm yourself with patience and try all of 'em, until the light starts shining down on you and wind is whipping your face :)

So crank up that knob and enjoy !!!


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