Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour

Once again it is time to crank up the volume to 11 and annoy all forms of neighbours. I've been a Metallica fan since basically Day One, and even though the band was never the same after bassist Cliff Burton's death, the band endured through all the hardships, criticism, therapy, etc. I personally think that the addition of Robert Trujillo was exactly what the band needed as a kick in the ass.

On the EVE front: MAPU operations are starting to get under way, ships are starting to pop (both our enemies' and our own), and morale is on the rise. This being a parental weekend it might get a bit quieter for me so I'll use what playing time I have to make ISK. Tuesday night I'll be jumping back to PvP HQ and by the next MTL EVE Meet I expect to kill and lose lots of shipping tonnage >:)

Until next time, fly loud.



Jaggins said...

Master of Puppets is my favorite Metallica album, but I like most of their work. I agree the new bassist is working well!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I can't decide between Lightning and Puppets... the first time I heard "Ktulu" my jaw made dents in the pavement!