Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/09/24

We now take a trip back in time when rock music was absolutely epic. Before anyone mentions the un-reacting audience, remember that this is the BBC in the 70s... either that or they're just awestruck at the brilliance of this tune.

On the EVE front, a few of us at MAPU decided to go on a roam yesterday. Nothing special happened except a very long fight with a nicely tanked Drake, which we had to be cut short when the guy's help arrived. Note to self: if a Drake is fit to tank Angels, do not shoot Barrage at it. Oh well. The Rep Fleet EMP is in the Vaga's cargo hold now, and I'll probably add a few more flavors just in case. I've also switched my drones from Warriors to Hobgoblins. We live in the middle of Angel infested territory so of course we'll run across more explosive tankers.

I also have a new toy to practice with over the weekend, my first Rapier. This should be a fun weekend :)

Fly deadly, until you get blobbed :)


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