Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/09/10

Yep, it's once again time for the up-beat break that will annoy the crap out of your boss, cubicle neighbour, mom, or all of the above. This week I branch off from the metal theme to the absolutely wonderful universe of maestro Frank Zappa. A little background on the Black Page: the tune was originally composed as a drum solo to challenge Zappa's then drummer, Terry Bozzio. He then came up with the melody that was played along with the drum solo. As Zappa himself said a lot of people couldn't approach the song's "statistical density in its basic form", so he gave the tune a lot more swing and turned it into the Black Page Part II, The Easy Teenage New York Version. In the 80's Zappa added some reggae elements, culminating in the 1988 version I've posted here. Another anecdote about the Black Page involves drummer Vinnie Colaiuta shortly after he joined Zappa's band. During a session, Vinnie played the solo and did something most regular drummers can't even think about: without missing a beat, Vinnie pushed his glasses on his nose, grabbed a piece of sushi, and kept playing the near-impossible tune. Terry Bozzio, who was present at the session, apparently walked out in disbelief! After this video is done I encourage you to watch the original Black Page as played by Terry.

On the EVE front: after half a week and a petition, AMC leadership has now passed from Letrange to Cathrianne, and ChaosStorm is now out of the alliance, though it is set so blue it's almost black! So what does the future hold for us? Well, if we want to stay an alliance one thing is certain: we have to recruit. AMC has a strong industrial background and can basically build anything, even capitals if push comes to shove. It should be noted that though there is a lot of emphasis on industry and mining, especially in the colonized W-space systems, carebear activities can turn into The PvP in the blink of an eye. All of our pilots have learned the hard way that crying and whining about a ship death is just not acceptable. Not only that, but most of our essentially carebear pilots can turn into bloody-thirsty hunters if the occasion presents itself. But AMC is not all carebear.

We at MAPU are PvP minded; we do have some non-PvP activities in order to stay afloat in decent ships and mods, but since most of us have access to L4 agents, or W-space sites if we ask nicely enough, ISK is not really an issue. We also do some exploration sites in dangerous space, because there's nothing like flying dangerous :) For now there are only a few of us that are active, but we hope to get some more pilots to start fielding bigger gangs. We are currently stationed in Gerbold, on the eastern side of Heimatar, with easy access to three Null-sec regions: Etherium Reach, Great Wildlands and Geminate. For solo PvP or small gang action we have clones in the Everyshore region where we have access to many Low-sec hot spots, and not too far away from Null-sec Syndicate. We are not looking for pilots with a specific amount of Skill Points, or that fly specific ship types. We are looking for pilots from pure n00bs who want to learn the ways of the PvP to veterans who are active but want to play casually. If you are looking for clockwork ops or military rule, MAPU is not the corp for you. If you are in another corp but know of people who are starting out in EVE and would be too young SP-wise for your outfit, by all means send them our way! For more information or an interview convo, contact Unzer, Havegun Willtravel or myself, Cozmik R5, in-game.

So that's pretty much it for now. The weekend is about to start, and about damn time too !!!

Fly hard


Edit: as of this morning, Cozmik has achieved Heavy Assault Cruiser V. I can now field the Perfect Vaga... ok not quite perfect but all gunnery, navigation and ship related skills are now maxed :)

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