Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First op in MAPU

As you may have noticed in the upper right-hand corner, it now says that Cozmik R5 is now a member of Mobile Alcohol Processing Units, a corp headed by a few Montreal region based players, and more Montreal players will be on the way soon, and a recruitment campaign will be worked on so we can form a true PvP corp. Our goal is very simple: we like to blow shit up, or get our shit blown up in at least a valiant attempt, and we don't want to bog ourselves down with Sov bullshit. For now we have a Hi-sec HQ sitting very close to three Null-sec regions as well as a lot of Low-sec areas. I'm still a bit keen on giving away the specifics because 1- our recruitment plan hasn't been formed yet, 2- there are possibilities of a move to "that crazy place called Curse", and 3- I'm not a director yet. No I'm not begging, kicking and screaming "plz plz plz make me a director NOW!!!111". If the MAPU brass wants to give me the roles, I'll do the job to the best of my habilities; after all, in LCSC I was an Alliance level director, and doing a bit of diplo work is actually kinda fun. But anyway, all in good time.

So yesterday after logging on I get together with corpmate Havegun Willtravel for a bit of Low-sec The PvP; Gun was already in the Sinq-Laison region so I joined him there. Flying relatively cheap T2-fit T1 cruisers, we have no qualms about throwing caution to the four winds and getting into David vs Goliath type fights. We start with the Mya-Gerper constellation in Everyshore, which is an old hunting ground for AMC. We didn't stay long because the dinky dead-end constellation is completely empty. So we start moving towards the Sinq-Laison Low-sec areas, and don't have to travel too far to see some action. And who better to give some The PvP than our very well known CSM chairlady, Mynxee! Of course, fighting 2 Hurricanes with a Vexor and a Stabber is kind of suicidal, but that stops us about as much as ambient air stops a speeding bullet. So as we land we primary Mynxee's buddy, Dame Death, who is already a -10 outlaw (Mynxee isn't, yet). This probably didn't help us because the 2 'Canes were differently fit; Mynxee's was AC fit, Dame's was arty fit. When I landed on the grid I had no problems sticking close to Dame and started doing a good number on the 'Canes huge shield buffer, but she was slowly pulling away from Gun who noticed this too late. So his weapons were starting to have less and less effect; he had been doing a good job tanking Mynxee but when Dame's 720s got into optimal it was all over. Knowing I was on my way down I overloaded the top rack in a vain attempt to break thru Dame's shields, which I barely managed to do but too little too late. If Gun had noticed the Cane trying to get some distance and stuck to it, things might have gone differently. But still, as 2v2 fights go this was a fun one, even if we bit off more than we could chew.

We then reshipped to what Havegun had available in stations nearby, which was a Myrmidon and a Rifter, but the only ships we saw worth fighting was another Myrm (who had just made mince-meat of a noobish Hurricane), and semi-large gate camps. Gun not wanting to lose this particular Myrm, we got back to Hi-sec and I had to call it a night. Gun was lucky enough to find a good 1v1 frig fight that he won just before I logged off.

So now the ice is broken. Too bad I started my MAPU stint with a loss, but as Havegun told me, with all the success we've had before - say like when I rejoined AMC and we killed a Phobos and a Dominix, with my Claw doing top damage on the Domi - this didn't really count. Next time out we should have a couple more pilots with us, and if all goes well we will soon be having what I love the most about EVE: a good skirmish fleet. Damn I have missed this!

Fly with the dagger in your teeth


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