Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whoa, that was a long lunch hour !!!

Sorry about that. Real Life sort of "got in the way" there for a bit.

So I didn't have much more to add to my last post, except that, as you can imagine, those fits become much faster and nastier as you fit them with Tech 2 modules. It does make for much more expensive ships (about 7 million ISK for the Rifter, 15 million for the Stabber) but for the role I don't think you can get any better. Now, only time will tell how the Stabber survives the up-coming Nano-Nerf. From what I hear, what the Nerf will do is that in each ship class the range between slowest and fastest will be much reduced. Now, between what was tested on Singularity and what will be applied to Tranquility, everything that we hear will happen is pure speculation. Being mainly a Minmatar flyer, I know that Minnie ships are supposed to be the fastest and I don't see that changing, but maybe it'll mean that my tackling duties will be done in frigates alone, and maybe I'll swap my Stabbers for damage-dealing Ruptures and Thoraxes (yes, I've started cross-training!).

Now speaking of damage, I went on a skillbook shopping spree lately and my alt and I are now at the door step of flying Battleships! My alt can already get into a Megathron if she wants but at not quite 3 million SP she's in dire need of support skills, even though she can fit the large guns. Cozmik probably has better support already but as he is the main PvP guy other skills need to be learned to make what he can already fly much better (read Hurricane) and also needs to start the Covert Ops ship training, for which I still need some till-now not much needed Electronics Upgrades skill training. Stealth is not much my style to start with (in any game I've ever played) but sometimes there's not really any other way to get around. I am really itching to get into a remote-repping Tempest though, but I know that to do the job right I'll need a lot of field training and I'm praying it won't be too expensive... well, relatively :)

Well, that's it for now. Please fly much safer than I do, and if you're one of the old hands flying a capital ship, please don't warp it to an hostile gate... it makes the Baby Jesus cry !!!


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