Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye bye Shambler... Hello Makron !!!

Yes, in my typical fashion, I've had my Dominix barely a couple days and in an alignment gone wrong during a level 4 mission, the fat bi4tch got stuck in some asteroids and the Angel Cartel then punished me by sending me home in my pod. Annoying but I could live with it as my ship was insured. I'm sort of used to it; since my first days in EVE, every time I get into a new ship class I manage to lose it in spectacular fashion. So as I proceed to pod my way to Rens to pick up new gear, which I was expecting to be of much lesser quality, my dear buddy Madcoy asks me how much ISK I have in my account... I basically had enough to buy a New Dominix and fit it in pure Tech 1 gear, nothing fancy. He then asks me "Are you sure? look again..."..... and sure enough he had just prooved that Santa Claus DOES EXIST and he lives in Drummondville Qc !!! After receiving the order to go fit out, this was the result:

That's right folks, Demonia has achieved the goal she had set out for as she is the proud owner of Makron, her very first Megathron battleship !!! Needless to say we didn't have too much trouble finishing off those pesky Angels as not only I had a ship that can tank a lot better thanks to more capacitor and more armor hardeners, but this thing put a new definition to the word Gank. Oh boy, does it gank !!! And she wasn't fitted with damage modules yet. I just can't wait to see how she'll do when Demonia can REALLY fly it to the best of its capabilities. I won't be sending her out to join Cozmik in 0.0 quite yet though. I do want to see more IVs and Vs than Is and IIs in her skill tree before that happens. You have to realise that Demonia is extremely young in EVE age to be flying something so big, and it'll take a few weeks, if not months, before she can fit the Remote Repair setup required for spider tanking gang. But when she does, OUCHIES !!! :)

On a side note, one may notice my tendency to name my more important ships with Quake related names, and yesterday at the bar we found the name of my eventual (read 3-4 years from now) Dreadnought. Care to guess what I'll call it? If you know your Quake, you'll figure it out :))

And speaking of bar, yesterday was the bi-weekly meeting of Montreal pod pilots. It's been moved to Saturdays as Fridays are now taken by Carbon Freezer's new guitar lessons. We usually get a small turn-out, but now that we have more people in the EVE MTL channel the information was given much more in advance and finally we had a turn-out of no less than TEN people, coming from different backgrounds, from very new to damn-near ancient SP-wise. Many thanks go out to Crazy Kinux, and also to my great buddy Letrange for making a successful happening come true.

On a finishing note, I've just had more that this is indeed a small world. After not seeing him for about 10 years, as the evening was starting to take off I heard someone yell out "Hey, Red Five ?!?!". It was none other than Paul "Cmdr Vortex" Larivière, a different kind of pod pilot from the good ol' days of the Virtual World center. He was also one of my main adversaries as he was, along with me and a few other pilots, one of the Montreal Master Pilots, and all of us also happened to be known as the Best Pilots in the Whole Damn @#$%@#% World. Like me, Vortex didn't believe in the "Fly safe" mentality, as he was known for pulling some extremely fancy moves to take some racers out in Red Planet Martian Death Race, but my best memories were of us two in 1-on-1 races in the canal called Paingod's Passage, some won by him, some by me, where we would be flying so close together that it felt like formation flying, but in an industrial mining canal at full Double Boost (tm) speed. Man those were the days..... !!!!

So again, awesome night yesterday (even if I'm slightly hung-over) and I pray the next two weeks go by fast for that next meeting.

In the meantime, fly like it's the last day of your life...


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