Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Court, Brain Death, and EVE

Hey there podsters!

Just a short update today as I'm starting to feel the arrival of one of those nasty man-colds (you know, the lethal ones). It did put a crimp on my EVE playing yesterday; I had some overtime to do at work (the "Court" part) and as I deal with literally tons of paper work to enter into the City of Montreal's black hole of a computer system I came back home feeling like a freight train had hit me, and then proceeded to back up just to make sure it had hit me. The result was that I opened EVE to deal with my little menagerie of toons, and just thinking about the little things like having to pick up the stuff from buy orders, putting stuff up for sale and placing new BOs for both trade alts, and chosing what skill to train on the two mains, was doing some nasty things to my already-damaged brain.

And lately, PvP ops with the Bozos have a tendency to start late, as well as taking long to start. I can't blame the Midwest and Pacific players; it's right in their prime-time for them. I guess we have to get more East Coast/East Canada players so OUR prime-time gets more populated, and it's also giving me an incentive to start learning proper FCing. I stepped up to the plate the other night after the O'Regan's pilot meet (being slightly drunk and having talked about the game all night helped) when I got in game because the current FC was literally falling asleep. It was towards the end of the op anyway so other players were getting tired so I said "F*** it, I'll do it". The plan was easy enough: get everyone home in one piece while flying through enemy territory, then escorting a guy who had a Tempest in an another system a few jumps away from home and escort him back. The entire operation happened without any reds getting in our way and I think I did an OK job of getting scouts where I needed them, and knowing the general area like the back of my hand helped quite a bit. After all was said and done most of the fleet went to bed, and the four who stayed (me included) did try to tackle a Drake which cost us two Rifters, but then we didn't have enough DPS to do anything so we called it a night (or morning!).

And as a parting shot, during one of my hauling runs with my Amarr trade alt I had the opportunity to see quite a sight, Mr Cribba's Veldnought, one of the very few capital ships in Hi-sec space. Of course I had my drone cam point his way:

Good thing he's fitting Miner I's instead of Capital Lasers !!! So there you have it. A short post by a player in dire need of Advil and Vitamin C.

Fly dangerous but don't catch colds...


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