Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And I'm back

Hello everyone!

Yep, after being away for my parental weekend I can finally play decents amount of EVE as I am now on vacation. I still have some duties, like making I'm fed, picking up after myself, and more Dad stuff Wednesday all day and a few hours on Thursday now too. But apart from that I don't have much else to do but game. It sure beats watching TV !!!

So I came back to the game yesterday afternoon (read Monday September 22nd) in the middle of Euro prime time so sure enough my system is camped in with a massive amount of TCF who are extremely eager to pick off stray Bozos. But as if this wasn't bad enough, some guy in an alliance we're "blue" to (you know who you are... jeeez) is asking, even begging, for someone to open a cyno field; look up "EVE terminology" on Google if i just spoke chinese. Anyway, all this as there are about 25 "reds" almost begging for this to happen. You see, the person in question hasn't learned his lesson after being caught with his pants down when his Archon (Amarr carrier) got surprise sexed by 20 plus dreadnoughts, 10-some carriers, a few battleships and some support ships. That battle took apparently something like 30 seconds. And here he was almost ready to have it done to him all over again. Excuse me sir, but if you are so eager to throw away ISK, you might as well give ME a billion. At least I'll do something useful with it, like buy enough interceptors and interdictors (training up for that) to last me a life time, and then give the rest to my trade alt to make it grow and grow and grow. End rant.

On other news, as happy as I am to have a second account with a main that can fly a Megathron and do a good amount of missions, my finances have taken a beating lately with an unexpected trip to the garage to have my car fixed. As I now can feel the waters slowly rising past my chin it looks like I may have to put the second account on ice for a while. I did buy all the necessary skillbooks to have Cozmik be able to fly and fit Gallente ships and hybrid guns so as soon as he's done with Science V (obligatory for Covert Ops and Interdictors) I'll be going slightly off track and in 3 weeks I'll be able to fly a decent Thorax, Brutix and Megathron. it will also give me the financial break in EVE to save up for two very expensive skillbooks, Graviton Physics and Interdictors, priced at 10 million and 36 million respectively. When you think that a Sabre costs roughly 25 million it's downright appalling... oh well.

Alright, enough typing now cuz I feel like I'm at work!

Fly dangerous, and remember that cap ships are NOT penile extensions !!!!



Letrange said...

But Titans are - the Devs have said so.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah, and the ones using them like they are eventually get a Broadsword up their ass, and then enemies become friends and they turn into goo !!!

Carole Pivarnik said...

How come I haven't added you to my list of EVE blogs yet? Done now! Fun reading.