Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, it is now official. Yesterday night, as I was waiting for an op that never happened (the Bozos were thinking more about Vegas than pew-pew, and I don't blame 'em) I had my second training alt buy and fit MY FIRST EVER BATTLESHIP !!! Of course, it will still be a long time before I can fly a BS in PvP as a lot of support skills have to be trained up, and these things aren't exactly cheap to fly. But at roughly 80 million ISK fully fitted and insured, the Dominix is probably the best deal as far as BSes go. But the ship, named "Shambler" after that big white furry eyeless lightning-shooting critter, will still see some action because I've moved Demonia back to hi-sec where she'll be able to do lots of missioning to earn a good deal of ISK, as well as work on getting not only the support skills, but maybe also some advanced hauler skills so she can keep Cozmik well stocked in ships and parts.

It's sort of ironic that it's my second character that gets the biggest ship, but as I knew I was going head-first into PvP when I started the game I knew that Cozmik had to fly the ships he can fly to the best of his abilities. When Coz was the same age Demonia is now (2.6 million SP), he could barely fly a Stabber right, but he could already make a Rifter sing. Same thing happened with battlecruisers; my first Cyclone was barely spaceworthy but the Stabbers were seeing lots of action. I also expect that when Cozmik gets his Tempest (skipping Typhoons cuz I'm just not a missile kinda guy) only then will his Hurricane be something to fear. And there's no way I'm risking getting into a remote-repping BS gang before the skills are ready for the correct fits; I'd only ridicule myself, I'd waste tons of ISK, and it would just be painful!

And there you have it, my first foray into the world of big, bad and (mostly) ugly ships. The exception to "ugly" will come when Demonia as gathered enough ISK to graduate to her target ship from Day One, The Megathron >:)

I'll be posting again fairly soon because I've finally remembered what was missing from the "Tackler" train of thought: small gang composition and Jihad warfare (in absolutely NO WAY related to suicide ganking. That's just wrong!).

Until then, fly dangerous and do make fun TCF, IAC, and all those awesome blobbers !!!


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