Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2011/02/18

No, I will not be moving to Montana to become a dental floss tycoon, but yes, I will be moving soon. But EVE having royally sucked lately - lost a Loki last friday, came too damn close to losing my PvE Sleipnir, and having seen an alliance-mate lose a PvE Machariel due to a power outage - I haven't logged on much this week, to the point where this morning I came within 2 hours of missing a skill flip. And knowing that in the next week I will be making sure everything is ready for hauling, I set the skill that will turn my already powerful Sleipnirs into death machines. Command Ship V here I come!

Because my computer will be one of the last things to get packed I will try to get in on a little Hulkageddon action as time permits; I will miss the opening ceremonies because I have my boys this weekend, but I'm sure I will need to gank something after packing a few too many boxes. I will most probably start idling in the HAG4 channel to get a feel of what's happening and where, and especially where is it more likely to collect the tastiest tears! I still have to buy my batch of gank-fit Thrashers but living near Rens this is not an issue. So to all who will be participating I wish the best of luck and may the tears be plentiful! And to the industrialists I hope you are like the ones I know and have batches of miners, industrials and gank ships ready to dump on the market. And to those who absolutely have to mine for whatever reason (surely not because you like it!) I hope you will be smart about it. And the same goes for mission and 'plex runners about to salvage a field of wrecks; remember that Noctii are free game this time around :))

Fly safe or dangerous, your pick. I know mine >:)


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