Saturday, February 8, 2014

Madness in B-R5RB, and one last move

It is about a couple of week since a little dead-end system in the ass-end of Immensea went from just another staging system in Null-sec space to a battlefield with legendary status over night. So legendary that in the space of 48 hours after the end of the following downtime (which happened to break standings... good job breaking stuff again CCP) people who previously had no idea what EVE Online is are now interested in its vast and crazy politics and economics. I have buddies at work who are gamers but refuse to start playing EVE because they know of the commitment required and claim they don't have the time, but the Battle of B-R5RB (henceforth known as "Titanomachy") have pushed them just a little closer to the deep end of the pool and it wouldn't take much to see them dive in.

The way it happened from my spectator's perspective, having nothing to do with any of the coalitions (more on this later):

At around 11AM last Monday I get a message from my buddy Cartboard Box that said the following: "PL just lost 3 titans, losing more as we speak". I asked if this was another Asakai event (some dude jumping his Titan to the bridging cyno) but the answer was swift... "Someone forgot to pay the sov bill in the staging system. CFC went balls deep". The rest of that afternoon had me poking at CB for more info as more and more titans were dying, time dilation started kicking in, and all Hell broke lose.

When I got home the roles were reversed as I was the one with access to the streams and #tweetfleet on Twitter, and as the evening advanced my jaw kept digging a bigger dent in the floor. First the smashing of the previous "titans killed in a single battle" which was 12. And then the 20 mark, 30, 40, 50... at that point reports started getting different from one source to the next. Some sources were saying that over 100 titans had died while others were very conservative at around 40. It would take CCP going through the logs to find out, and a few short days after the battle, they delivered the results. Of course I had to explain to tons of people who were now discovering this game about space conquests and "how in the world does one lose 300 thousand US dollars worth of internet spaceships made of pixels?!". I could scarcely believe it myself and had to do the the ISK/USD conversion by hand multiple times to be convinced.

Now that the battle is history, CCP turned it into the most dangerous tourist attraction on the face of New Eden. As of this writing I have yet to do the pilgrimage, but anyone who has read the EVE content on this blog knows that not only am I crazy enough to do it, I plan on doing it very soon indeed. It should be a fun trip :)


The last move, at least for a while!

I've said it before and I'll said it again, playing EVE on a tight schedule is a hard thing to do but the lure of space is too great to give up. But there are some annoyances that need to be avoided when you can only log in every so often but still want to have fun. I've narrowed it down to three things: wardecs, reinforcement timers, and moving. The corp I was in just before the holidays had great people to fly with, but it became part of an alliance that lives constantly under multiple wardecs and moving often to bring the fight to the enemy. I have nothing against flying in the middle of hostiles but I do need a breather sometimes. Timers of course mean that X POS will come out of reinforced at Y hour, which of course had a tendency to happen either in the middle of my work day or while I knew I was busy somewhere else. But logging in after a week spent out of game for various reasons to find out the alliance is now 15 jumps away and you're alone in a sea of flashies, that just blows chunks. During the holidays I got very sick coming down with influenza H1N1 v2.0, which kicked my ass like nothing had kicked it before. When I started getting better I did play a little bit of EVE but it was only to consolidate my assets because I knew a move would be in order. But I also knew that a small financial snag meant my account would have to go dormant for 3 weeks. No biggie, it even gave me time to plan Cozmik R5's future.

The first decision I took was to train a ship class I've been putting off for the longest time: carriers. As much as I hated to move that often, it taught me that having my own carrier would have saved a lot of headaches. But to continue proving my disdain of capital ships, I will go for the Nidhoggur! Second was to find a new home, and that was very easy because something special happened. One of the Montreal EVE Meet regulars is pretty highly ranked in the alliance that has always been one of my favorite enemies. With the green light from the alliance he offered me sanctuary and the Red Carpet Treatment. So now unless another massive war happens again I have made my home in the heart of Providence among CVA! But fear not (or rather, fear!), even though the region still plays under NRDS rules of engagement, the role-playing CVA of old is no more and there is a very stong core of pure PvP players which I am now a part of. And there is no shortage of targets because pretty much half of New-Eden is red to me! Another advantage, I know the region like the back of my hand from having hunted and roamed in it for so long. Only this time the ever-annoying jump bridge network is now something I have access to.

So yeah. Some would say that I've turned coat. Some others would say that I've turned into an Amarr loving POS (and I do NOT mean player owned structure) role-playing hostie d'tapette. But in reality all I do is what I've always done: follow an FC's orders, give him the best intel he can have, and tackle/trample whatever happens to be in the way!

PS: Yes, we visited Titanomachy. and obviously Razor Alliance had bubbled out the wazoo. But we had a great fight. Not a tenth as great as the fight that had happened there the week before but a great skirmish nonetheless!

Fly hard, shoot first, and ask questions later!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Complete and Utter Madness in B-R5RB

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened. Enjoy the vid and I'll give some thoughts and a short EVE activity update soon™.

gf CFC, RUS, BL, PL, N3

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Late to the party

Twin-saber damage-dealin' Sith Pureblood? You know it!

Yeah I'm two years late. But so what, I'm having a great time !!!

Remember the code...

Peace is a lie; there is only passion
Through passion, I gain strength
Through strength, I gain power
Through power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free!


PS: Yes, EVE content soon™. Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tribute to a speedster

R.I.P. Paul William Walker IV (September 12, 1973 - November 30, 2013)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding time to blog

One of the things keeping me out of EVE - my best creation to date :)

Hello! Yes I'm alive. I've just been so busy with all sorts of stuff and projects that I barely have time left to update my blog anymore, and when I do have time I just chill out and become a massive couch potato. Needless to say lots of things have happened since the last post so it'd be hard to tell everything in detail; hell sometimes I have trouble remembering what day we are! Let's do a paragraph-by-paragraph recap and let's see where it goes.

EVE Online

Though I am still in the same corp, there has been a change of alliance after some nifty drama. Thankfully our old alliance mates now make for some juicy targets. The downside of the alliance switch is that we have gone through a lot of moves in a very short time and with a few people (myself included) becoming very busy activity has dwindled. Hopefully the coming holidays and the new expansion will set this to rights and we shall gleefully blow shit up soon. The times where I do get to log on are usually fun though, and this corp is the best corp I've been a member of in my soon-to-be 6 year career. I don't see myself moving out of this corp unless we keep moving every other week, but we have been promised that our current HQ should remain the same for a bit as we are pretty close to a lot of fun places. I haven't experienced the new expansion a lot; the new SOE ships are still pretty exhorbitantly priced and my interceptors are out in Null-sec. I did get to fly a Wolf to a system next door this morning and I could see the warp speed difference. I like a lot!


Speaking of speed, I've been falling deeper and deeper into this community of high-speed eSports, not only as a driver but lately as a map maker, which is a total first for me. I'm aiming to build competition-style Tech tracks but I still have a lot to learn before I reach the level of the tracks seen in TmT, ESL and ESWC competitions. As a driver it's the style of map I prefer to drive; I don't find any fun in the super-fast Full Speed tracks where a very subtle slow-down in a particular part of a track can mean that some jumps or sections are impossible to pass. I've been idling in the Twitch channel of one Acer|Frostbeule, one of the best players in the game and I must admit, these are very laid-back guys. On a side note, the current and newly-crowned World Champion is a Quebecer; Dignitas|Carl Jr, je te salue!


I thought I'd be taking a break after the CFL season, but the drumline has my soul apparently! No seriously, when word came out that the Rockline would be participating in another fundraiser Metal Show of Pure Awesome after skipping this year's edition, I couldn't pass it up. So in mid-January we'll be starting the long process of rehearsing the 6 tunes from the 2012 show and learning 5 more. I should still be on the bass line but there's a chance I may move to the snare line if the line is not populated enough. Unlike this summer where there's wasn't a lot of time for actual teaching, this time there will be so come mid-October 2014 when the show arrives I would be more than capable of playing even the trickiest parts.

In another musical subject I am also starting a band with some old friends. I haven't played in a band setting in way too long and I just can't wait to see my drum kit set up again. But there will be an adaption period even here; to get our music machine going we chose a bunch of covers to practice and two of them require double bass drums, or at the very least a double bass pedal. So I went out and bought one! Coming from the John Bonham School of  Single Pedal Speed Freaks, I will have to relearn and start playing the bass drum as i would with my hands, doing rudiments and stuff. Things will get interesting!

Now, does anyone wonder why I sleep so well and why it takes me 4 coffees to wake up? :)

Fly busy... it's less boring that way!


My paintjob of choice for my Trackmania car
My next tool of the drumming trade :)