Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2011/02/04

Here one of my favorites from Rush. Though I've never had any official drum lessons apart from half a season in a drum corps at 11 years old, I do consider Neil Peart as one of my teachers. The other would be John Bonham. My buddies and I spent a lot of time practicing Zeppelin tunes, but of course I was the odd one who liked prog rock and weird time signatures. I did create a monster though; when I introduced Rush's YYZ to my guitar player's brother, who was 14 at the time and also a drummer, he went totally bonkers and learned EVERYTHING from Rush, and decided to make a career in music. And I'm happy to say he succeeded as he is now a sound engineer. It's cool to know that it's partly my fault :)

On the EVE front: this is my parental weekend so things will be quiet. It's also my youngest son's 4th birthday on Sunday so this will keep me busy. Something tells me I better not go to bed late tomorrow night cuz I'm sure my ex has "plans"... wish me luck !!!

Fly harder than I will


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