Monday, February 21, 2011

Crunch time

Well, here I am once again. Five days until I load up a U-Haul truck with my stuff and move IRL. Already twice in the past 3 years I've said "Goddamnit I hope I won't have to move for a long long time!", and 2 other times I had to help my ex and most importantly my kids move, but as you can see, telling myself this has pretty much backfired like Elmer Fudd's shotgun. This time I'll just shut the fuck up and go with the flow. On the positive side, this will be a light move: zero electric appliances, no couch because it suffered 4 years of baby abuse, no bookcases because they've suffered way too many moves for their own good, and no TV unit because it's just too damn big. I may have to carry this last one and drop it off in the middle of the move, but still, technically this should be one of the easiest moves I've ever had.

And why would I talk so much about a move on an EVE blog? Because moving would be a much shittier proposition if I didn't have my EVE buddies to help me. Since February 2008 this will be Move #5. The first one was my ex leaving the house, but I helped her because I wanted my boys to be settled in as fast as possible; I even painted their room. Move #2 was the worst one ever. I was alone to finish packing what was left in our old suburbian bungalow, got some movers for the big stuff, and did the rest on my own. Alone. To make matters more "interesting", what was left of a bungalow got crammed into a 2 1/2 condo. If you can avoid this, do so because it just destroys you physically and emotionally. Number 3 was more fun (if you can call moving "fun") even if not quite expected. My ex's cousin which had helped us by having us rent an appartment in her building, announced non-chalantly that she was selling the place, and the new owners wanted us out. Awesome. But by this time we had shed a lot of the extra stuff from the house so packing was easier, and on moving day I had movers for the big stuff and a good chunk of the Montreal EVE community to help. Move #4 was on an awkward day so not a lot of people could come and help, but it was also fairly easy with some movers, my ex and my girlfriend of the time (which is now also an ex... *sigh*). Unfortunately this is also when the financial gods started to shit on me because the two surprise moves, 2x mover teams, and car problems meant that my debts were going crazy. But oh well that's all behind me.

And now here I am about to move again. It's looking like it will be the easiest move so far but you never know. Once again the Montreal EVE community has made it clear that I will have some help. I'm usually the one who updates the EVE-O forums and the EVE MTL channel MOTD for our pilot meets but last sunday I had quite a surprise when I noticed that not only was the channel MOTD updated, but a line had been added saying something to the tune of "Cozmik R5 is moving !!! Contact him to give him a hand!". I think I have an idea of who put it there and yes, he will get an extra beer!

To the Montreal pilots: guys, I thank you from the bottom of my heart to help me through this ordeal once again, and just tell yourselves this: no matter if the move is easy or not, there will be beer and pizza at the end of it, and if that's not enough there's also the EVE Meet at Brutopia :))

Flying, or moving, with buddies is more fun!


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