Monday, February 7, 2011

Rough seas ahead

Back in 2009 I thought I wouldn't have to do it again but my sanity requires it. At the end of the month I will be moving in Real Life yet again. Because my ex and I separated when our boys were still babies we had no choice but to stay close to each other with all the skirmish warfare that it implies. But now the boys are out of baby-hood, with the oldest one starting school next September and the youngest one in 2012, so now is the time to get some much needed distance between us and achieve some kind of a truce. The down side: I will have a crazy month of packing, address changes and all that shit. The up side: the new place is cheaper, the landlord friendlier (having your ex as landlord is... interesting) and the neighbourhood much better. It also means that I will have to keep my gaming antics on a tight leash, something I admit I'm not very good at. But at least I plan on moving light so it'll just be a case of packing what I will bring and giving/trashing a lot of the rest.

But the real-life move isn't the only one I'm contemplating. Lately I've talked about a lot of the stuff I have no interest in within EVE, but nowhere have I mentioned anything about hating the entire game. Questioning my place in it yes, but quitting no. I wouldn't have resubbed for 3 months if I felt like quitting. But after some boring but necessary mission running, interspersed with a few PvP runs, and one unsuccessful go at the new incursions, I need to get back to what I truly find to be the jewel of EVE Online, small-gang skirmish warfare PvP. And while I have nothing but respect for my AMC alliance-mates and MAPU corpmates, I know that this is not the place where I'll be able to regularly go out with small gangs to kill stuff. While I do love the freedom I have at the moment, a bit more aggressive action a bit more often would be just what the doctor ordered. I've mentioned before that AMC often feels like an alliance of solo players; while that's not entirely true because when team work needs to happen it usually does so without a hitch, but when times are quiet they are very, very quiet. So here are the options I've thought about to find 5-20 guys to fly with to destroy other people's ships, and/or die gloriously trying:

Empire Wardec corp: some people hate it when it happens, but I'm one of those that jump with joy every time someone is crazy enough to wardec my alliance. I'm also the first one to be disappointed when the expected PvP doesn't materialize. But to be in a corporation that actually does the wardeccing, and DOES NOT stay perched on Jita or Rens' docking ring waiting for a war target to come buy stuff, that's something that sounds fun. Add to that the lack of cap ships and warp bubbles, but free podding and gate warfare just like in Null-sec space, and you've got the recipe for what could be a very fun PvP experience. I'd have to find the right corp though because station sex or endless camping is..... yeah. I can include Red vs Blue in this because technically, Red and Blue are always at war with each other, but you have to exit the corp to take a break (ie: make money and resupply).

NPC Null-sec corp/alliance: I may not have liked my last weeks in BOZO because I was finding the corp too serious (ironic I know!) but I really miss my early BOZO days when the corp was a lot less serious and starting to get good and feared. It's a very hard balance to keep. Sure life isn't as easy as living in Empire but the absolute freedom of combat in 0.0 is unparalleled. Of course some alliances can ruin a party with their caps and supercaps, but depending where you fly these can be avoided, unless the cap-supercap proliferation has been happening a lot more than I think. On the plus side, I now have jump clones so I can go to Empire easily to make money and resupply, something I did not have the old days. But of course I have to find a corp that will give me the bit of freedom needed and will not look down on me if I have to go carebear for a few days... well-fit ships aren't free you know!

Easy-going Sov space corp: I think I might be dreaming in living color here, but who knows because EVE is one weird animal. Let's face it: I'm soon to be 45 million skill points and I'm nowhere even near capital ships, and I fully intend things to stay that way; Well, maybe a Naglfar in the far future just so I can hear the big-ass arties! But I have no intention to become some bitter FC's grunt in a 200+ ship blob because I have to protect or invade space. I have no idea if some big alliance has corps that basically do what they want when they want and that fits with my play style, but if anyone knows of such a corp, give me a shout.

Low-sec piracy/ganking: while I do know a few pirates and know how fun Low-sec life can be, I put this last on my list because I really enjoy the freedom to fly everywhere in New Eden unhindered, and I don't have a second account with a character good enough to do my hauling for me. But some pirate corps may have well-oiled logistical trains so I'm not ruling out the possibility. But I know I'd be really bad at extracting money or even tears because I love blowing things up too much. Another downside, I would lose the "jump to Empire to make ISK/resupply" option.

So far it's looking like I'll be able to join one group of wardeccers who are blue to AMC, but I'm not ruling any possibility out. Anything that can make EVE more fun! I will be flying with our blues a bit more in the near future, but it's a big universe and it keeps getting bigger all the time. Who knows where I'll end up when my various dust clouds settle?

Fly the fuck out of it



Letrange said...

Glad to see you're planning to make some moves to alleviate your dislike of the way things are going (eve wise).

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Thanx :)

I found it funny we were blogging about pretty much the same thing at the same time, but I see you're one little step ahead. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Kirith Kodachi said...

If you're looking for a relatively laid back null sec life, you know where to find me. ;)

Also check out what Rixx javix is doing with Lucifer's Hammer.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Will do Kirith, in both cases :))

Jaggins said...

TEST doesn't do CTAs, you would be welcome to focus on small gang roams. If you like to FC, even better. Delve will likely end up a "Thunderdrome" with constant non-sov PVP if our plans work out.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah I've heard good things about TEST; one of the Montreal pilots is there and loving it :)

Unknown said...

Come Join the Black rabbits. We have a nice Logistics chain going :)

So no need to go to hi sec to pick stuff up. And you get the isk from killing people anyway