Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our cries have been heard!

A lot of Vagabond pilots have been yelling at CCP for the removal of the heavy cruiser's frills that made the Vaga look not only menacing, but completely different than just a Stabber with a new paint job. Blogger Rixx Javix of Eveoganda was most vocal about this, and I supported the cause even though I was unsubbed at the time. Well, it seems that now CCP has someone in charge of listening to what we say and not just watching what we do. A new dev blog by CCP Ytterbium has just dropped this bomb:

Now with MOAR FRILLZ !!!
And it even has new wingy bits to show once again that the Minmatar like things that are Fucking Vertical™! All in all I really like the new Stabber model as well, especially since I use (lose?) 'em a lot.

Thank you CCP for this much needed rectification on one of your worst design mistakes. All hail the return of the Vagabond, the ship designed just for me :)

Fly fast!


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