Monday, September 3, 2012

Align Ottawa !!!


This is it. The moment I was waiting for has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning after dropping off my boys at my ex's place I get on my bike and head WSW towards the Canadian capital. Nothing to think about but me, my bike and the road/path. I will clear my head like I have never done before. Well, the weather forecast for the coming days is on the iffy side but at this point I simply don't care. Just get me out of fucking Montreal already! Needless to say my blogging activities will come to a complete stop until I get back, and you can expect a decently sized pictorial post as I will be photo-documenting the trip as much as I can (read as much as my phone's charge will allow).

Of course who says "I'm going away for a while" also has to say "Oh shit I gotta set a long skill to train!", and I've got the prefect skill in mind: Cloaking V. One of the ships I'm planning on buying is the ChaosStorm-approved Ganky-Cloaky-Proby-Unbubblable Loki. I already have 3 out of 5 subsystems, and a good collection of mods so when the time comes I'll fit this monstrosity. I'll practice doing some cloaky flying with my "cheaper" Rapier first, but then again more when I actually have time to fly, which means after October 20th.

There you have it, my last post before I go on the bike tour. You have no idea how excited I am right now!

Fly hardcore


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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Trip didn't work out as planned... AAR soon.