Monday, September 17, 2012

Aftermath of a crazy sad week

Cyno candle in NOL-M9

The dust has now pretty much settled after the roller-coaster that was last week. It started off with a feeling of victory over the return of the Vagabond's frills and the next day it seemed like the world came crashing down. If you've been living under a massive rock, just read this. What followed was the biggest avalanche of sympathy I've seen since John Lennon or Princess Diana. It's been really touching to read everyone sharing condolences, to watch the solemn Goonswarm ceremony, and for my part to participate in EVE Radio's successful attempt at an unarmed "peace mission" roam to NOL-M9 in Delve, once the pinnacle of the Goonswarm vs Band of Brothers conflict, to pay our respects by anchoring cans to the memory of Vile Rat and to light a couple of cynosural candles. We did lose a ship on the return trip but the mission had already been accomplished.

After the massive media circus the question does pose itself: so, what now? Well, Mittens put it correctly: one foot in front of the other, EVE is slowly starting to move forward again. In my case it means I am starting to think about the in-game stuff I'll be doing once the big drumline project is over, just over a month from now. My corpmate/CEO/IRL buddy and I are looking at a few options that will get us some much needed The PvP action. At the same time neither of us want to be too involved in Null-sec politics and/or cap and supercap warfare. We are also looking into opening up recruitment for our corp but we both need to be more active before we start a recruiting campaign, and we also want a few more directors to make themselves interested (unless you know us in real life and come to the Montreal EVE Meets, don't even think about it) but the love for EVE is definitely starting to come back it seems.

The Vile Rat supernova may have slowed down our plans ever so slightly (they were already slow to begin with) but the plans are still forming and it looks like not much can stop 'em. Will you be with us? Will you be destroyed by us? Will we make you cry? All those questions will find an answer somewhere around Halloween. In the meantime I just have to make ready for... something!

Fly with a plan, hopefully a nefarious one >:)


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