Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour (kinda) - Get The Led Out Edition

Some may say that at this point in their career Zeppelin were on the decline, and on some points I may agree. Robert Plant didn't have the soaring voice he had in the first albums. Jimmy Page wasn't in the greatest shape of his life due to heroin addiction and occult stuff or some shit. John Paul Jones... was John Paul Jones, being close to invisible next to his godly cohorts. But Bonzo. OMFG Bonzo! He was a known party animal and even died because of it (for the record, he died the exact same death as another music god, Jimi Hendrix), but when it came time to lay down a mean beat, John Bonham was still at the very top of the game. Achilles Last Stand also happens to be Jimmy's favorite out of the entire Zeppelin catalogue.



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