Thursday, August 23, 2012


See the thousand ships bashing the crap out of the Byrn Eden monument at Jita 4-4? This can mean only one thing. Yes that's right. Tomorrow it will happen, and I'll have a fitting music video. I return to New Eden with only one thing in mind: pretty lights. I don't care if they're mine or someone else's, stuff in EVE needs to blow up. Repeatedly.

Because I still have a crazy schedule until October 20th I won't be super active off the start but this will give me time to get reacquainted to the "newly" revamped Neocom, all the ship changes and new modules, and all the new ship flavors of ship fits. I hear some of 'em haven't really changed, but I know others have changed drastically. The very first thing I'll do of course is to restart the skill queue. As I've mentioned before, Large AC Spec V will get finished, it was about half-way done when Cozmik went into cryo. After that, being pretty happy about the ships I can fly and being in absolutely no rush to get into capital ships, I will proceed to "level V" a lot of stuff. This should keep the skill queue occupied for quite a while.

So there ya go. Some time tomorrow afternoon I should be undocking from... Balginia I think? Or is it Harerget... or Offugen... whatever I should be undocking from somewhere and heading to the nearest market hub to buy myself a whole bunch of cheap ships to blow up. And LOLs should follow!

See you on my overview !!!


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